Savannah Law Firm Gives Several Reasons Why It’s Important for Car Crash Victims to Hire a Competent Auto Accident Attorney

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. - Savannah is a Georgia law firm that has a long history of successfully helping those that have been injured in auto accidents through no fault of their own. That experience tells this firm that car accident injury victims give themselves the best chance to be made whole again under the law by hiring an experienced auto accident injury attorney. This is a scenario that takes on even more importance if the injuries a victim has sustained in a car crash threaten that person’s future earning ability or quality of life. The firm’s spokesperson, Tim Derrickson, says, “People who have been involved in auto accidents and have sustained severe injuries often find themselves in some of the most stressful and uncertain times of their lives. One of the best ways to minimize that stress and uncertainty is by hiring a law firm that specializes in auto accident litigation such as ours. Because of the significance of this, we thought that we would go over why it’s so important for car crash victims to hire competent auto accident attorneys such as us after they have been injured in a moving vehicle accident.”

Derrickson first talked about how it’s the offending driver’s insurance company’s responsibility to pay for any injuries a plaintiff has received in a car accident but that’s something that is often easier stated than followed through on. That’s because it’s an insurance adjusters’ job to minimize the amount of the settlement that gets paid out on their insurance company’s behalf. Insurance adjusters often try to be very aggressive and settle a claim for pennies on the dollar of its potential settlement value before a victim has retained legal counsel in the matter. This is what makes it so important for auto accident victims to quickly retain legal counsel and insulate themselves from the high-pressure tactics that insurance companies use to get cases settled quickly in their favor. He also stated that when someone is first injured in an accident, they often do not realize the extent of their injuries right away and an experienced auto accident attorney will make them well aware of this circumstance. Good car crash lawyers in Savannah will also go to work right away protecting a client’s legal rights in the matter once they have agreed to take on a case. Experienced car accident attorneys also recognize the need to be flexible with victims and are even prepared to go meet them in the hospital or at home if a victim’s injuries prevent them from traveling to the firm’s office for a consultation. The company spokesperson added that their firm will use their many years of car accident litigation experience to give a client the best chance to recover completely, both physically and financially, from an auto accident.

Auto accident attorney Savannah

Those that have chosen the Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. - Savannah firm to help them pursue a car accident personal injury claim are often very satisfied with the results. Anthony Fagan stated, “Lauren E. Williams worked so well on my case I would recommend her to anyone. She went the extra mile to make sure I didn't walk away empty-handed and I really thank her for the work she put in for me. Thank you, Lauren, and all of the Ken Nugent staff.” Brittney Green wrote, “They made everything very simple and easy. I would choose them again if anything was to happen with an accident. They worked very hard for our case to be resolved very fast.” Chelsea Reyes proclaimed, “I will recommend him and his team to anyone who needs help after an accident. They communicated every step of the way, got me the most money back, and overall made my life easier as I was home recovering. Thanks for all you have done!”

Derrickson also reminded that those car accident victims that are represented by Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. – Savannah will fall under their ‘One call does it all’ policy that will guide them through the entire legal claim process to make it as easy on them as possible. He added that free auto accident injury consultations can be set up with the firm by contacting them 24-hours a day on their toll-free number or by using the chat bubble that’s found on their website.


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