Sass Yoga Pants Launches New Yoga Pants Information Website

Sass Yoga Pants launched its latest website early January 2022 which covers a variety of yoga pants styles, material and cut designed to provide information for those “living the yoga pants lifestyle.”

The informational website addresses general yoga pants for women, yoga leggings with pockets, styles of yoga pants, comfortable yoga pants, yoga pants that look like dress pants, patterned style leggings and workout leggings.

Sass Yoga Pants

Yoga gear is meant to provide optimal breathability and flexibility for the consumer, as opposed to conventional sportswear that may sit loosely.

Tank tops and leggings are examples of yoga attire. Yoga, like many other sports, has seen a growth in popularity in recent years as a result of a growing number of health-conscious consumers. Yoga was performed by around 28.75 million Americans in 2018. Yoga has grown in popularity as a sport because it promotes flexibility and meditation while also providing low-impact strengthening. Yoga clothing, particularly leggings, is an integral aspect of athleisure. In fact, nearly 65 percent of consumers say they wear athletic clothing (such as leggings) on a daily basis.

According to Statista Research Institute - “In 2019, the revenue of the yoga apparel market was valued at around 32.6 U.S. dollars worldwide. This figure is forecast to increase to approximately 42 billion U.S. dollars by 2025, a 28.8 percent increase from the 2019 value.”

According to a survey, conducted by retail surveyor Indix, over the last 10 years, the average cost of a pair of yoga leggings has decreased. The average price of a pair in 2014 was $50.10, and in 2016 it was $25.40. The average cost has now decreased to $20.70.

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