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Sarasota, Manatee County, FL., January 4, 2021 – Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, Inc., an industry leader in healthcare revenue cycle solutions announced today that Probate Recovery Solutions, LLC and Windward Communications, LLC have joined forces with Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, Inc. effective January 1, 2021. Together, the companies will be able to leverage their combined complimentary Revenue Cycle Management capabilities and footprint to fuel strategic growth and to better serve their customers.

Probate Recovery Solutions (PRS) is a leading revenue cycle solutions company based in Largo, FL. Established in 2006, PRS has been providing probate claim filing services for its customers in the healthcare and utility industries. Probate Recovery Solutions play a vital role in the revenue cycle management for its clients by identifying probate estates and filing claims to work collaboratively to resolve the account balances. In addition, PRS assists its hospital clients in identifying accounts where a patient is deceased, and no probate estate is discovered for inclusion on their Medicare cost reports.

Windward Communications, LLC is a leading research and publication company based in Largo, FL. Established in 1989, Windward Solutions provide a vital service to its customer base by identifying probate information including identifying personal representatives for the estate. Windward Communications services will be vital for the Accounts Receivables Management Industry as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has recently released regulations requiring members of the ARM industry to only communicate with the personal representative/executor regarding the accounts they are trying to resolve.

With Probate Recovery Systems and Windward Communications joining the Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, family, we are positioned to deliver broadened strategic RCM solutions and innovation to meet our client’s needs,” said Jack W. Brown III, President of Gulf Coast Collection Bureau. “We are excited about the opportunity to provide enhanced services to our clients by delivering valuable solutions to this segment of the Revenue Cycle.”

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