Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts Partners with City Government on Park Trees Maintenance Project

Santa Cruz, California – When the CEO of Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts learned that the city government was planning a park tree maintenance project, he decided that his chance to give back to the community had finally arrived. The 4-day maintenance project which ended yesterday saw Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts handle tree maintenance for close to 100 trees.

“Every once in a while,” said the company’s CEO, “we try to work with this city’s authorities to give back to our community. Last week, we started working with the Department of Parks and Recreation to restore health, aesthetic appeal, and safety on the trees standing in our parks.”

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts noted that the company was allocated tree trimming. “When we partnered with the government,” said the chief of field operations, “we were told that since most of the trees in parks only need trimming, our tree trimming team Santa Cruz would be the only team needed for the project.”

Made up of a combination of professional tree pruners and tree trimmers, Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts noted that its tree trimming team helped shape trees, remove dead branches from the crowns, remove limbs showing signs of ill-health, and reduce overcrowding on the tree crowns.

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts notes that in addition to pruning and trimming trees, the company has teams that help commercial and residential property owners with tree removal, stump removal and emergency tree service Santa Cruz. The company notes that in addition to working with people inside Santa Cruz city, the company also gets out of town to reach property owners sitting in suburbs like Westside, Soquel, Watsonville, La Selva Beach, Live Oak/Pleasure Point, and Seabright.

“One thing that sets us apart is our ability to keep time,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “Last week, the park maintenance program was supposed to begin at 8 am. Our team arrived at the park before 8 am and started working. This is the same thing we do with all our clients – we arrive earlier than expected, handle the tree maintenance procedures quickly, and then clean up to ensure everything on the landscape is aesthetically appealing.”

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