Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowners Choose the Right Trees to Plant Next to Their Houses

Santa Cruz, California – After having to remove a large number of trees causing damage to concrete floors, Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts has decided to help homeowners in Santa Cruz choose trees they can keep on their landscapes for a lifetime. To do this, the company organized a lunch ‘n learn event where its team of tree cutting professionals Santa Cruz offered tree choosing tips.

“Planting trees next to your house is always a good idea,” said the company’s head of tree care department. “The trees offer shade, which helps you avoid high cooling costs in the summer heat. However, unless you choose the right trees, you will end up investing in tree service removal Santa Cruz a few months down the line.”

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts

The head of the tree care department noted that one of the reasons homeowners end up removing trees sooner than they expect is that the trees outgrow their allocated space.

“If your goal is to keep the tree around,” said the tree service expert, “you have to choose a tree that won’t start invading the space occupied by your house. This explains why it is never a good idea to plant a giant sequoia which can grow to be 300 feet tall, with a trunk diameter of 20 to 26 feet next to your house. A tree whose diameter does not exceed 10 feet, however, would be a good idea as it won’t cause damage to your house by growing too thick.”

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Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts also advised homeowners to avoid planting trees whose roots grow too close to the surface. According to the company’s expert on trees, trees with roots that go deep instead of spreading on the surface are a much better option because they never cause cracks on concrete floors.

A company that has been offering tree care procedures for over 25 years, Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts works on both commercial and residential properties. In addition to being the best tree removal company Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts also offers the best results with tree trimming, pruning, stump removal and emergency tree service Santa Cruz.

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