Santa Ana Tree Experts Warns Against DIY Tree Service for Large Trees

Santa Ana, California – A company that has been in the tree service industry for close to 3 decades, Santa Ana Tree Experts is advising against DIY tree service for trees over 60 feet tall. The tree service company reports that attempting Do It Yourself (DIY) tree service on large trees features the risk of causing more harm than benefits.

“While DIY tree service may be a good idea for property owners with small, non-risky trees, it may be a bad idea for those with large trees,” said the company’s CEO, “For starters, it's much harder to control a large tree during tree removal – if a homeowner is working alone, the tree may follow the wrong falling path, landing on nearby utilities and causing significant damage. Pruning and trimming of large trees put property owners at the risk of dropping from the crown and suffering significant injuries.”

Santa Ana Tree Experts

A family-owned business, Santa Ana Tree Experts offers all types of tree services, including, tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, and emergency tree removal. Equipped with modern safety tools and modern tree service gear, the company reports that it is capable of completing the most complicated tree service procedures without suffering injuries or causing property damage. Santa Ana Tree Experts states that all their services are competitively priced and affordable to all property owners. For more information on the services offered by Santa Ana Tree Experts, check the company website:

“Most property owners attempt DIY tree service to avoid the cost that comes with professional tree services,” said the company’s CEO, “However, if a tree falls on your house during DIY tree removal, you will probably spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Compared to the amount we charge for professional tree removal, the repair costs will be much higher.”

Santa Ana Tree Experts reports that it is always fully prepared to take care of any damages that may result from a tree service. “While damages are extremely rare when we are handling tree services,” said the company’s CEO, “We know that things can go wrong. It is, for this reason, we have invested in insurance. If we make a mistake and cause damage, we will foot the entire property repair bill.”

Santa Ana Tree Experts is located at 3861 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States. However, homeowners who would like to communicate with the company’s customer support department can call the number 949-536-9253.


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