San Francisco Package Receiving Store Discusses Reintroduction of a Bill Affecting the USPS

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San Francisco, Calif. — Following a number of USPS mail carriers recently becoming ill as a result of the heat, it was announced that the Peggy Memorial Act will be reintroduced. In an effort to keep their community informed, PO Plus, a package drop-off provider for UPS, DHL, FedEx and the USPS in San Francisco, explains the details surrounding the event.

In 2019, the Peggy Frank Memorial Act was introduced after a 63-year-old mail carrier died inside her truck in Woodland Hills. Temperatures had reached 117 degrees that day, and the woman was found to have died from hyperthermia. Two other likely contributing factors to her death were heart disease and obesity.

When he reintroduced the bill to Congress, Rep. Tony Cardenas explained that if the woman's truck had air conditioning and other resources, her death could have been prevented.

“We can’t bring her back, but we can do everything we can to protect the men and women who keep us connected by delivering letters, packages, prescriptions and so much more. It’s time to bring their vehicles to the 21st century by including climate controls that will protect them from extreme temperatures. We owe it to Peggy, her family and all postal workers to make sure civil servants stay healthy and safe. It’s the bare minimum,” states Cardenas.

If this bill passes, all USPS vehicles will need to have air conditioning installed within three years. This is a big task, yet it is important, as around 70 percent of the USPS vehicles do not contain air conditioning units as of now.

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