San Francisco Mailbox Rental Store Highlights Antique and Artwork Shipping Service

San Francisco UPS shipping store

San Francisco, Calif. — Whether it’s an antique mirror handed down through generations, a vintage maritime compass, an original Thomas Kinkade painting, or an expertly crafted statue of the family pet made out of modeling clay by a child, it is extremely important that packages containing such treasures be packaged properly and shipped with the utmost care. This month, PO Plus, a San Francisco UPS shipping store, is highlighting their expert antique and artwork shipping services.

Inadequate packaging and careless package handling can often result in damage to fragile items such as antiques and pieces of artwork which, in turn, severely damages the value of the items. Not to mention, the emotional component involved when a sentimental item ends up breaking in transit can be quite difficult. Therefore, as a rule, items that are shipped via UPS, USPS, FedEx, or DHL should be packaged well enough to withstand a 4-foot drop. The experts at PO Plus specialize in the proper handling of vintage items and art such as paintings, ceramics, statues, etc. The well-trained team of packing experts utilize a variety of boxes, packaging materials (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.), and tools to ensure that valuable and/or sentimental items reach their destination intact. Additionally, if a PO Plus staff member packs an antique or piece of artwork for a customer, they will also guarantee it for insurance purposes.

PO Plus has proudly served the residents and businesses of San Francisco for nearly four decades. The one-stop-shop offers an array of business services such as packing, shipping, and printing services including international shipping, mailbox rental, passport photos, public notary, document scanning and shredding, and much more. For more information about PO Plus or questions regarding antique or artwork shipping, give them a call today at (415) 864-5888 or visit their website anytime at


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