San Francisco Construction IT Services Offered by BACIT

San Francisco, CA based Bay Area Construction IT (BACIT) is ready to help their community enjoy the advantages of IT support centered around the construction industry. With more than two decades’ worth of experience in the field, the company’s IT expertise and intrinsic knowledge of what construction firms need makes them an invaluable resource in any project.

Due to the nature of the construction industry, Bay Area Construction IT understands that their clients more often than not have certain requirements that differ greatly from the average IT service. Construction firms, for instance, need several mobile technologies that are not too complicated for the average builder to operate, enabling them to perform complex tasks even if they do not have a background in IT. As a result, the company states that they design their systems to be, “easy to use, hard to break, and always fixable.” In the rugged environment off a construction site, these are features that no IT system can do without.

As any modern construction firm can attest, IT installation is an absolutely indispensable component on a job site, one that is vital to maintaining security, keeping projects on track and even looking after all personnel involved. This is true no matter what kind of construction is taking place, from tunnels to skyscrapers. Their services include job site WiFi, project scopes, wiring, relocations, security camera installation and much more, with an emphasis placed on delivering IT support that is more affordable, more efficient and more mobile. They can even install internet service for construction trailers wherever necessary.

BACIT has worked on job sites that run across the spectrum of the industry, and this gives them the experience needed to deal with virtually any niche requirements their clients may have. This also includes more minor details that tend to go overlooked — the company considers it one of their foremost priorities to maintain a high standard of customer service. As such, they pay attention to detail at every stage of a project, from pre-construction to execution.

Given the scope of construction projects, security is one aspect that no firm can afford to neglect. Fortunately for Bay Area Construction IT’s clients, the company has long invested in training their engineers to provide the best IT security services available, and they undergo additional training on a regular basis in order to keep up with current threats. This means that clients can expect no less than the most modern security systems to be installed if they wish, and the company is able to build networks that are considered both unhackable and easy to manage.

This extends to cases of sabotage where an employee may be the threat in question. Bay Area Construction IT is able to implement safeguards that can minimize any damage caused as well as make it easy for their client to review all the associated evidence they need to terminate the employee in question.

The company elaborates that clients no longer have to wait extended periods following an incident to review any footage from their security cameras, for instance, as BACIT utilizes modern systems that enable more instant access. This has the additional effect of eliminating the huge cost of accessing old footage stored in outdated databases. The company adds that any and all cameras placed on site are installed securely, whether they are meant to be hidden or not.

Building on this, the company is able to construct conference rooms (including the digital kind) that keep meetings secure and ensure only those with authorization have access to any data exchanged. In fact, Bay Area Construction IT actively manages and monitors data flow in order to ensure it is delivered to the correct destination or individual.

Bay Area Construction IT is the most trusted provider for construction firms and their construction sites. BACIT provides network security to construction companies to prevent employee information from being stolen or hacked. They also make sure that construction companies have a solid and securely managed mobile environment.

Clients may learn more about San Francisco Construction IT by visiting the company’s website and other online materials. They are also welcome to get in touch with Steve Boullianne of Bay Area Construction IT if they wish to follow up on any further inquiries with one of the company’s representatives. Similarly, they may reach out to the company via their preferred social media platforms.


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