San Diego AC Repair Company Lists the Impressive Numbers of Steps They Perform When Doing Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air wants to remind people that spring comes sooner to the San Diego area than many other areas of the country. This means it's time for their customers and others to start thinking about scheduling an AC tune-up. The company considers this an essential service that should be performed yearly before the start of the busy air conditioner use season. It will help their customers not only save 5%-15% on average on their home or business cooling bills each year but may also help customers avoid a costly AC repair. The latter fact is made possible because of the impressive number of steps this company performs when doing air conditioning tune-ups.

A representative of the company, Scott Bergen, says, “We offer what many consider to be the most thorough AC tune-up service that can be found in San Diego and the surrounding communities. This service includes a lengthy list of steps that we do because we know how important it is to get an air conditioning unit to run properly throughout the entire cooling season. Many times, when we do these important tune-ups we also identify and correct small AC problems before they become bigger and more costly ones down the road. That’s why the importance of getting an AC tune-up done every year cannot be overstated.”

Benton went on to say that when a customer calls to schedule an AC tune-up, they will remind them to make sure the area around the outside air conditioning condenser has nothing stacked around it or tall weeds growing next to it. This is because air needs to flow freely to the condenser for an air conditioner to work efficiently. The very first step their service techs do when commencing with an AC tune-up is performing a visual inspection of the unit. This will identify any potential problems before they even turn the unit on. He added that if the visual inspection turns out ok, they will next clean the unit. This is an especially critical step for electrical parts that make contact with each other and condensers and coil units that may have debris that has accumulated on them from the previous year’s use. Only after this is done will the Tarpy Heating and Air tech turn the unit on to test it. The company representative stated that during this phase of the tune-up process they will make sure that all of the control components are working correctly and they will also listen for any noises and look for vibrations that indicate there may be a problem with the air conditioning unit.

According to Benton, if all of this checks out, they will then move on to more specific AC tune-up steps. This includes lubricating the oft running air circulating blower and condenser fan motor. He mentioned that their tech will also flush the system and Clean the condensate drain lines. One of the other very important tasks that they do during an air conditioning tune-up is testing the refrigerant level. This is because the refrigerant level directly impacts an AC unit's operating efficiency. The company representative says other steps they perform during this important tune-up include checking the pumps and testing the evaporator and heat exchanger. The techs will also not forget to inspect the unit’s electrical wiring, check safety sensors, and replace the system’s air filters. Lastly, he stated they will test the system again and make any adjustments that are necessary for it to run at peak operating efficiency.

If one of their techs does find a problem when doing an AC tune-up, they are also the right company to make the repair. According to Benton, their air conditioning techs are some of the most well-trained and experienced in the area. They can even handle complicated refrigerant leaks and electrical system repairs. Before they do any repair work, they will discuss it with the customer first and give them an accurate estimate for the work. Those in the San Diego area that want to know more about what steps this company performs when doing an AC tune-up can refer to their website which is found at


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