San Antonio Estate Sale Company Launches a New Dedicated Website

Vogt Auction Galleries in San Antonio, Texas is pleased to announce a new Estate Sales division. For 45 years, Vogt has been the trusted name in San Antonio and South Texas for the valuation and sale of estates at auction. Today, Vogt is formally branching out to additionally offer in-home estate tag sales, becoming a true one-stop solution for the valuation and disposition of estate property. Appraisals, auctions, estate sales - Vogt does it all.

Vogt Estate Sale Company will continue Vogt's long tradition of combining integrity, expertise, hard work, personal service, and the excellent results that have made Vogt the leader in their market for decades. A new website for the estate sales division has been launched (, and an experienced and honest staff has been hired with the goal of becoming the local leader in the growing market for on-site estate tag sales.

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"We love auctions. But sometimes it can make sense to sell estate pieces on-site right at the home itself," said Vogt Estate Sale Company Director Rob Vogt. "If there is a whole household full of a variety of items - from fine art down to the tools in the garage, well then it makes a lot of sense to just hold a sale there on-site at the home."

While Vogt has conducted more than 50 estate tag sales in the past few years, the launching of the new division signals a new focus on that area of the estate business.

The need for the valuation/appraisal and possible sale of an estate is generally triggered by a life event, including retirement/downsizing, the passing of a loved one, or in some cases a divorce. Families reach out to Vogt in these sometimes-difficult times for advice and help on what to do with a group of items collected over a lifetime. Often, there is a large range of property to consider including fine art and jewelry, vehicles, furniture, firearms, tools, and household items like pots and pans and the lawnmower. A Vogt staff member will usually meet a family member on-site in the home and talk through the options, which generally include sending selected items to family members, holding an on-site estate tag sale, moving things off-site to the auction house, donating items to charity, or as if often the case, a combination of these. And generally, the goal is to maximize the return on the items to be sold, and be left with a home that is empty, clean, and ready for a realtor to sell.

When it's determined that an estate tag sale is the best method for a particular family's estate situation, the process is straight-forward: A Vogt team will come to the home, organize and price everything that is to be sold, advertise the sale to our unrivaled list of qualified buyers, hold the sale over 2 days with a robust and friendly staff watching over everything, and then broom-sweep the home after everything's gone. The sale's net proceeds are given to the client within 3 days following the sale.

Folks dealing with their family's estate can often feel overwhelmed by the number of pieces, as well as very vulnerable to someone taking advantage of their lack of knowledge about what the market values are for items, especially high-value items like fine art, decorative art, jewelry, and gold and silver. Vogt comes in to these situations to provide honest and fair appraisals, and advice on how to move the process forward to completion. The ability to have someone you can trust come in to the situation and honestly assess the value of items as well as sell them in a manner that is respectful as well as maximizes the return, can be a huge relief.

Vogt Estate Sale Company will continue the Vogt tradition of being the leading company in estate services in San Antonio and South Texas, with honest, fun, and friendly dealings with both their clients as well as theircustomers. They invite the public to find out more by calling Rob Vogt anytime at 210-865-VOGT (8648), and they hope to see everyone at an estate sale - or auction - very soon.


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