Samantha Kucher, New York Trip and Fall Lawyer, Discusses How Trip and Fall Claims Are Handled

New York City, NY - Trip and fall accidents can be complicated to litigate. Consequently, they are one of the more complex personal injury claims that attorneys undertake.

Samantha Kucher, an experienced New York trip and fall lawyer, offered an inside look into a trip and fall claim.

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“Trip and fall accidents fall under New York premises liability laws,” said Ms. Kucher. “These laws protect people when they are on other people’s properties from injuries due to hazardous conditions. Every accident is different, so it’s difficult to calculate what an injury victim might be entitled to in compensation. But an average trip and fall claim can vary immensely, depending on the severity of the injuries and the strength of the evidence.”

Getting a fair settlement for a trip and fall injury requires extensive evidence that shows the cause of the accident, whether it was caused by another party’s negligence, and the extent of the injuries. If negligence can be proven, the injured party may be compensated for their monetary losses and damages. These can include hospital costs such as emergency services, hospitalization, physical therapy, doctor’s visits, medication, and other medical costs. Other compensable damages can include any lost wages, personal property damage, and other potential future costs that may result from the injuries. In addition to monetary damages, an injury victim may also be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering.

Most trip and fall accidents are settled outside the courtroom through a series of negotiations. These discussions can take place in person or through other forms of correspondence. Each party will outline their position and then request an agreement from the other party. During these negotiations, it is essential to have as much supporting evidence as possible to ensure that the evidence supports the claim as well as a case of negligence. If negotiation does not lead to a fair settlement, a skilled lawyer can take the injury claim before the court.

“Those who are injured in trip and fall accidents can help their case by collecting as much evidence from the scene of the accident as possible, taking names and contact information from witnesses, and taking photos of what caused the accident and photos of their injuries. They should get immediate medical attention and do everything the doctor tells them to do to ensure the success of their claim,” said Ms. Kucher. “As their attorney, I can get access to things like surveillance video and follow up with witness statements. It’s essential to do these things as soon as possible because evidence gets lost and people are forgetful. It’s important for an injury victim to get the assistance of a New York trip and fall lawyer as soon as possible when they have been injured to ensure the success of their claim.”

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