Salvage Yard In Milton, Fl Is Looking To Hire A New Automotive Disassembly Technician

Milton, Fla. – Butler’s Auto Recycling is a salvage yard in Milton, FL that has been providing used car parts to the Florida panhandle area for over 40 years. They are currently accepting applications to hire a new automotive disassembly technician.

Because this job is labor-intensive, candidates must have the ability to comfortably pick up and move 70-pound objects, as well as be able to operate a forklift, and remove drivetrains. However, this technician job consists of much more than physical ability. The right candidate will also have a knack for maximizing their time because with this job, there are plenty of incentivized pay opportunities. In addition, this technician will work with a wide variety of manufacturers, instead of being stuck with the same manufacturer over and over. This not only provides much variety to the typical workday, but it also provides an increase in professional growth.

The automotive disassembly technician position is full time and comes with many benefits, such as vacation time, paid holidays, 401k match, and a tool-purchase program. Another benefit, perhaps an unconventional one, is the luxury of getting to work with a close-knit crew. Butler’s never hires simply to fill a seat; they believe that hiring the candidate who is able to work well with the crew is a must. Having a high-functioning, enjoyable team to work with is one of the best perks of being a part of the Butler family.

Butler’s Auto Recycling seeks to provide the community with a wide selection of quality used car parts. It is their goal to conduct business with the highest level of integrity and excellence, so they make it a priority to place the right people on their team. To apply for the automotive disassembly technician position, visit Butler’s Auto Recycling’s Facebook page and view their recent post regarding the position: For all other inquires, give Butler’s Auto Recycling a call today at (850) 564-6566 or visit their website at


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