Salvage Yard in Milton, FL is Explaining the Importance of Recycling During the Pandemic

Milton, Fla. – Butler’s Auto Recycling is a salvage yard in Milton, FL that has been conducting business with excellence and integrity for over 40 years. As a provider of used car parts, they understand the effectiveness and importance of recycling. Amid the current pandemic, recycling is more important than ever, and Butler’s Auto Recycling is explaining the reasons why.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the demand for essential supplies has been high. Some of these items include tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, and sanitizing wipes. Also, many companies are selling online and shipping their products more often than they ever have before, so the demand for cardboard boxes and packaging is through the roof. If people do not take part in recycling, it is difficult for cardboard and paper manufacturers to continue meeting the needs of grocery stores, as well as hospitals and other health facilities.

Of course, most people know the basic instructions to keep in mind when recycling. However, there are some special recycling instructions regarding COVID-19 that some people may not know about. For example, some people assume they should recycle their masks, latex gloves, and disinfectant wipes. Unfortunately, while the intentions are appreciated, those items should not be recycled. Also note that if an individual in the home contracts COVID-19, the household should not continue recycling as usual. For the duration of his/her illness, it is best to treat all recyclables in the home as trash. When he/she is better, the household can go ahead and resume recycling.

As a car junkyard that offers a wide variety of used car parts, Butler’s Auto Recycling believes in the importance of recycling whenever possible. Ever since its founding, Butler’s Auto Recycling has made it their goal to operate with the highest level of excellence and integrity. For more information, give Butler’s Auto Recycling a call today at (850) 564-6566 or visit their website at


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