Safina Custom Cabinetry is Offering Top-Of-The-Line Custom Cabinets In Detroit

Safina Custom Cabinetry, a custom cabinet-making company in Detroit, Michigan, is offering high-quality, bespoke cabinets crafted from the finest materials available in the country. The company currently does business in St. Louis, Missouri, under the brand name Centorbi Cabinetry. Readers can find out more about that company by heading over to its website at

Homeowners remodeling their homes have three broad options when it comes to picking cabinetry. The first option is stock cabinets that are made to fit the most common cabinet sizes. They are mass-produced and have a limited selection of styles, colors, and finishes that are meant to match the interiors of as many homes as possible. They are meant to be affordable with speedy installation times. The downside of stock cabinetry is that they are not distinctive in their look and feel. Stock cabinets can be described as bland and derivative and would be a mismatch for a home that has been furnished with love and care. Another option that homeowners can go for is semi-custom cabinets. These have more design and finish options available than stock cabinets but they also come at a significant cost.

Finally, the best option for homeowners that are going for a premium look and feel is custom cabinets. They are built to the specification of the homeowner’s preferences and measurements which eliminates any ambiguity and creates a solid fit and finish every time. They can be had in a range of finishes, stains, paints, glazes, and finishing techniques. The customer has complete control over the final product including the hardware, type of wood, presence of racks and inserts, shelving, and all kinds of custom embellishments that match the style of the rest of the kitchen or any other room of the house for which the cabinets are being built. Readers can find out more about the company’s range of custom cabinetry and read reviews from satisfied customers by heading over to

When it comes to picking the most aesthetically pleasing cabinetry, it has to match the rest of the room’s decor - whether it be the kitchen, study room, bedroom, office, or outdoor area. The goal of the design process is to find cabinetry that blends in seamlessly with the home’s design language. Time spent picking out the right designs under the guidance of an experienced cabinet maker such as Safina Custom Cabinetry will help avoid a situation where the final product sticks out like a sore thumb, distracting from the beauty of the rest of the home.

A spokesperson for Safina Custom Cabinetry talks about the company’s custom cabinetry services by saying, “Picking out custom cabinetry for the home can be an intimidating prospect. It is a significant investment and there is only one chance to do it right. You don’t want to be in a situation where you are second-guessing yourself and can’t decide what looks best for your home. That is where we come in. We show you all the possible options of cabinet styles, finishes, and colors that are suited to your home. We walk you through every step of the process, giving you total veto power on the designs to find one that best reflects you and your home’s personality. Once the design is finalized, we then give you a time frame for the manufacturing of the cabinet designs that you’ve ordered. When we show up for installation, existing cabinetry will be removed skillfully with great finesse and care. Then the brand new cabinetry is installed making sure every inch of the custom-made cabinetry fits in like a snug glove. Our extensive experience in the field ensures that all jobs are finished as promised with 100 percent accuracy along with excellent customer service. Call us today and so that we can help you make your Detroit home look the best it has ever been.”

Safina Custom Cabinetry can be contacted at the phone number (314) 565-5046 or by heading over to its Facebook page at


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