Safe Personal Alarm Company Provides College Safety Tips in New Blog Post

SLFORCE LTD, a company that provides safe personal alarms and related devices, has announced that they have provided some college safety tips through their new blog post. Most college students need to exercise foresight and vigilance always, especially college freshmen, as it is usually their first time to be outside of the protection of their homes and parents. For many of them, they have left the security and comfort of their homes, and therefore need to follow some college safety tips to avoid any accidents. The new blog post can be accessed at

Shahar, a representative for SLFORCE LTD, says, “Colleges tend to become a student's home away from home, and just like homes, they offer a secure environment to grow and learn. However, despite the best efforts of college administration and personnel, the onus of security also lies with students. Vigilance and foresight must be practiced regularly as most students find themselves for the first time out and about. These students leave the comfort of their homes for the first time and must adhere to the college safety tips we have provided to avoid any mishaps.”

First of all, ensuring room security is one of the key college safety tips. College students normally reside in dorms, which serve as their temporary home while attending college. Checking that the doors and windows are locked and secured is essential, including those times when leaving the room temporarily to take a shower in the community bathroom. Also, it would be best to avoid any unwanted visitors.

Another important tip is for the students to familiarize themselves with the campus. Most campuses typically cover vast expanses of territory, which would be difficult for the college administration to fully secure. It is, therefore, essential for the students to familiarize themselves with the various details of the campus, such as the shortcuts and ins and outs to make it easier for them to find a secure place whenever they feel threatened.

Another vital college safety tip is to never walk alone, especially at night. Thus, it may be a good idea to find a buddy who can always be a companion when walking at night back to the dorm or when going somewhere else. For this, the campus security office may be of help by providing escorts and offering route information.

And since it may be possible that one may not have a companion at all times, it may be a good idea to learn some self-defense. By being knowledgeable about some self-defense techniques, college students will have more confidence in dealing with any possible threats. And aside from learning self-defense, students may want to equip themselves with devices like the personal alarm from SLFORCE. It is capable of producing a very loud noise at 130 decibels, which will likely scare away most criminals because they wouldn’t want to attract the attention of people nearby.

Another important safety tip for college students is to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. Being sober at all times is vital to safety. It is important to note that some people with criminal intent may try to encourage a student to drink to get them drunk, and do something criminal afterwards. Once again, having a self-defense device, such as a personal alarm, can help attract other people’s attention when students find themselves trapped and threatened.

And finally, it is essential for college students to be wary of their use of social media. Unscrupulous individuals may gain knowledge as to the location of a student because of social media posts. It may give potential robbers a tip, for instance, that a particular student is not in his or her room at a particular time because that student had posted that he or she is attending a party somewhere else.

People who would like to know about safety and safe personal alarms or other self-defense products may want to visit the SLFORCE LTD website, or contact them through the telephone, or via email.


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