Roots to Table Shares Article About Small Charcuterie Boards

Roots to Table, a seller of home goods, recently shared an article from The Washington Post about Charcuterie Boards, titled “Charcuterie Boards Aren’t Just for Meat and Cheese Anymore”. Roots to Table’s primary product is a charcuterie board, so they share information about arranging and serving charcuterie boards so their customers and potential customers can get ideas for how to use their product. This article that they’ve shared on this occasion is about how the concept of charcuterie has expanded from being primarily about meat (the word “charcuterie” is French for “delicatessen” and often refers to the process of curing or preserving meat) to including a smörgåsbord of ingredients, options, and ideas.

As the article says, “These days, charcuterie doesn’t just mean meat. You can thank Covid-19 for that. Long a common feature of social gatherings, the platters garnered fresh attention in the past 18 months as people sought to elevate their at-home snacks. Sure, hungry humans have arranged provisions such as prosciutto and cheese on boards for centuries. But amateur chefs aren’t just flocking to salami or brie. They’re redefining the term charcuterie itself, adding novel ingredients to their creations.” The article goes on to talk about a handful of ideas that have surfaced in recent years in regards to the charcuterie board. For example, some people Mexican style charcuterie boards featuring nachos, or boards focused on breakfast foods or candy. Others have made “Barkuterie” boards for their dogs.

According to this article, the charcuterie board and its creative offshoots became increasingly popular during the long lockdown periods of the COVID-19 pandemic as the general public looked for ways to feed and entertain themselves at home. Pinterest, for example, saw a 30-fold increase in searches for mini charcuterie cups. The article also suggests that interest in charcuterie boards may have gone up as people got bored of the more rustic forms of do it yourself food, like making their own bread and jams. Whatever the reason, the surge in interest has had benefits for a number of creators focused on spreading the art of charcuterie. Food writers have written cookbooks and taught classes about the process, other entrepreneurs have been making and selling their own charcuterie platters for use at parties, events, and special occasions.

For companies like Roots to Table, which makes and sells a bamboo charcuterie board on, the surge in interest in at home charcuterie became an opportunity to supply them with the tools of the trade. With a gorgeous bamboo board and a set of four high quality cheese knives with bamboo handles, the Bamboo Cheese and Charcuterie Board Set from Roots to Table makes an excellent gift for all kinds of occasions, including graduations, birthdays, weddings, and holidays. The easy to use five piece charcuterie board and knife set is ready to be an excellent platform for all kinds of charcuterie adventures, whether they stay in the traditional range of meat and cheese or try a new kind of bruch board, or whatever their heart desires. The elegant grain finish and warm bamboo color makes for an attractive serving tray no matter what is on it. When the board is not in use, the cheese knives can be stored in a convenient hidden drawer inside the board so they’re always ready and easy to find when the need for a charcuterie board strikes.

Customers who have purchased the Roots to Table Cheese Board and Knife Set have been happy with it so far, giving the item an average of 4.8 stars on Amazon with 16 ratings. One happy reviewer said, “This board is so beautiful! The logo is burnt in the bamboo, for a very classy look. The tools are stored inside so you can't lose them, or scratch them up. The packaging is stylish and it arrived in 1 day. I'm looking forward for an opportunity to use my new board. I highly recommend this product!”


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