Roots To Table Recommends Small Charcuterie Boards For French And Italian Style Platters

Roots To Table, a lifestyle company based in Cedar Creek, Texas, is pleased to recommend their charcuterie platter sets, particularly the Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set, for creating small charcuterie boards. The company suggests that their community consider an Italian or French style platter, and they wish to illustrate why the differences between the two cuisines may appeal to a charcuterie crafter.

A charcuterie board is a wonderful eating experience, with platters of cheese, bread and accompaniments, along with cured meats. A charcuterie board, whether large or small, is a substantial dish that has a delicious selection of cheeses, bread and cured meats. Additionally, there are typically some side dishes that will bring out the flavors of the cheeses and cured meats. Typically, these consist of foods like olives and dips like chutneys.

Regarding its origins, the company says, “So, the question is whether charcuterie boards are French or whether they are Italian. While a form of charcuterie boards is a large part of Italian cuisine, as well as many other European cuisines — such as Spanish, the origins of charcuterie boards stem from France. This means that charcuterie boards are, indeed, traditionally French.” They were developed by the working class, known as peasants, and turned into a representation of low rank. The word ‘charcuterie’ itself is a combination of two French words. The first word, ‘chair,’ refers to flesh, and the second, ‘cuit,’ denotes cooked food. The term translates directly to roasted flesh.

To minimize the wastage of food, the meat would either be cooked and dried, or salted and dried, in order to preserve it. The meat remained fresh as a result. Rillettes de Porc (Spreadable Fat/Pork), Le Saucisson à l'ail (Garlic Sausage), Viande de Grison (Dry Cured Beef), Le Saucisson Sec (French salami) and Le Pâté de Campagne are a few examples of the traditional meats used for charcuterie boards (pate). French cuisine heavily emphasizes the use of cheese. French charcuterie cheeses that are regarded as being traditional include Brie de Meaux, Roquefort, and Port Salut. Radishes, pickles, and grapes were widely consumed as accompaniments. Additionally, a baguette (traditional French bread) is typically used.

Thus, the charcuterie boards stem from France, and are now seen as rather opulent, though they had very poor beginnings. Around the world, charcuterie boards are revered and make up a significant portion of French cuisine. Charcuterie boards are popular in today's culture among people of all social groups. Even though they are not indigenous to Italy, charcuterie boards of a certain kind are particularly important to Italian cooking. However, the Italians refer to their version of charcuterie boards as salumi, which is a quite different word.

A charcuterie board and salumi both consist of a platter of meats and, occasionally, additional culinary items. Salumi employs several items, however. It should come as no surprise that salumi involves a different kind of food given how varied Italian and French cuisine are from one another. Although the term ‘salumi’' refers particularly to meat products, these can be coupled with other foods. There are many different kinds of cold cuts that can be utilized to make a platter of salumi. Bresaola (dried, salted beef), capocollo and other salumi are some of the most well-known and often used varieties in Italy (cured pork). Coppa, pancetta, prosciutto and salami piccante are examples of cured meats made from pork or boar. Italian cheeses like burrata, asiago, and parmigiano reggiano are widely used. Fresh bread is important for accompaniments. Pickled vegetables, artichokes, fresh olives and roasted red peppers are some additional common condiments. Dips like mustard, honey, and olive oil are also frequently used. Like charcuterie boards, salumi platters were also designed for sharing.

The products offered by Roots To Table are the cheese boards and charcuterie boards made from bamboo. They offer three varieties, which are the: Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set (5 pc) measuring 13.3” by 13.3”; Premium Charcuterie Board Set (21 pc) measuring 14.5” by 13”; and Ultimate Charcuterie Platter Gift Set (26 pc), measuring 14.5” by 13” and 13.3” by 13.3”. Whether one is planning a French or Italian style charcuterie experience, or even a fusion-based platter, the platters offered by Roots To Table are perfect for hosting. The Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set, in particular, is ideal for a smaller gathering.

Since its founding in 2013, Roots To Table has concentrated on creating and providing products for the home, particularly the kitchen. For more information on Roots To Table's products and their history, visit their website or look at their recently released cheese board and knife sets on Customers are encouraged to email or phone Roots to Table via the information on their website.


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