Roots To Table Recommends A Blog Post Offering Tips To Best Use Its Cheese Board And Knife Set

Roots To Table is drawing attention to a recent article from the food and recipe blog Lemon Tree Dwelling that details the many ways that one can assemble a cheeseboard that is perfect for occasions such as holidays, ladies' nights, or everyday soirees.

The blog post begins by assuring readers that making the perfect cheese board is not a difficult endeavor. The blog post says, “Ever wondered how to put together your own perfect cheese board? It’s actually quite easy! Learn how to assemble a cheese board from start to finish with these simple step-by-step instructions.” The writer acknowledges that charcuterie boards add elegance to gatherings and parties with close friends and family. She also asserts that though it is a little work, putting together a cheese board is quite fun and the end product can be a mishmash of all types of cheeses, sweet and savory snacks, crackers, and cured meats, ensuring that there is a little something in there for everyone to relish.

The article then lists the 7 step process that it recommends that readers follow to put together a cheeseboard. The first step is finding the right flat surface which can be a plate, a slate, a wooden tray, a cutting board, or even a baking sheet. Readers who want the dedicated and premium charcuterie board experience are recommended to check out the cheese board and knife set from Roots To Table that is currently getting rave reviews on Amazon. The next step is to select the right kind of cheese. The blog post helps out the reader by listing out some common cheese families such as aged cheeses which include aged cheddar, gruyere, and gouda, soft cheeses which include brie, camembert, and goat, firm cheeses such as manchego, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Edam, and blue cheeses such as gorgonzola, Roquefort, and stilton.

After the cheeses have been added to the board, the next ingredient to be added is the meat. The writer recommends that “prosciutto, salami, sopressata, chorizo, or mortadella are all good options.” The meats should be followed by savory items such as olives, pickles, roasted peppers, artichokes, tapenades, almonds, cashews, and spicy mustards. To add a little sweetness to the board, the blog post recommends seasonal and dried fruits, candied nuts, preserves, honey, chutney, or even chocolate. Bread items such as sliced baguettes, breadsticks, and a variety of crackers are recommended to add some carbs to the board. Finally, the writer suggests adding some garnish in the form of edible flowers, fresh herbs, or additional fruits. The blog post from Lemon Tree Dwelling wraps up with a recipe that lists the exact components that the writer ended up selecting for the final cheeseboard she created.

A spokesperson for Roots To Table talks about why its cheese board and knife set is the perfect charcuterie board for the recipe published by Lemon Tree Dwelling by saying, “Our premium charcuterie board is made from 100% eco-friendly, sustainably grown, natural, BPA-free bamboo ensuring a healthy serving surface for all kinds of ingredients. The bamboo that the board is made out of is resistant to absorbing the stains and odors of the items that are served on the platter due to its nonporous surface. It even has a classic natural texture and color that will blend into any home’s decor. The retail package comes with everything that you need for the complete charcuterie experience - 2 ceramic bowls, 6 appetizer forks, 4 cheese knives, 6 bonus slate cheese labels, and a chalk marker set. It also has 2 seamless slide-out trays that are excellent for keeping the entire set stored conveniently together when not in use. The 4 cheese knives included with the board can tackle any kind of hard or soft cheese. You can buy this board to host parties yourself or you can buy it as an affordable yet thoughtful gift for occasions such as housewarmings, bridal showers, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, retirement parties, birthdays, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.”


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