Roots To Table Offers Suggestions For Easy, Simple, And Small Charcuterie Boards

Roots To Table, a lifestyle company based in Cedar Creek, Texas, is offering suggestions for a simple and elegant charcuterie board which would work wonderfully with their bamboo cheese board and knife set. Whether one is making a small charcuterie board for two or for a modest gathering, Roots To Table discusses tips and tricks on how to make a perfect board utilizing their board and knife set.

To an article shared by the company, “Learn how to whip up a show-stopping easy, simple, and small charcuterie board that's sure to impress your guests! Whether you're making a small charcuterie board for two or a modest gathering, get all the tips and tricks on how to make a perfect board. For everyone from beginner to pro, the step-by-step instructions will guarantee you create an epic easy charcuterie board.” The article in question, published on The Fit Peach, has much wisdom to share on the topic, and Roots To Table recommends that everyone read it to learn more.

Its first piece of advice is to start with the snack dishes first, followed by the cheeses. Usually, they are the biggest items on a charcuterie board. A bunch of grapes is another common example of a larger object. These should be laid out first, then the simple charcuterie board can be improved with fillings and smaller foods like crackers. If the task proves to be overwhelming, a crafter can try breaking it down into the following five categories.

First category is cheese, a charcuterie board without cheese. For a small charcuterie board, people should stick with 2 or 3 varieties of cheeses with different textures. Notably, four different types of cheese knives can be stored in a slide-out tray of the Root To Table cheese board so that they can be kept neatly out of sight when not in use. The chisel knife, almond knife, cheese fork and thin plane knife are the cheese knives that come included, so any of these can be used as the situation demands.

The firm or crumbly cheeses, such as Emmentaler, Parmesan, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Aged Cheddar, Manchego, Asiago and Gouda, are best cut with a chisel knife. The Goya, Cheddar, Greve, Grana Padano and Pecorino cheeses, as well as other hard or semi-hard cheeses, are intended for use with the almond knife. The hard, crumbly cheeses are what the cheese fork is for. The semi-firm and soft cheeses, such as Camembert, Brie, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Goat and Cream Feta, should be cut with a narrow plane knife. One could use the Root To Table cheese board and knife set to serve a perfect charcuterie platter.

Second is meat, when making a smaller board, the crafter should opt for 2 to 3 different cuts of meat. An easy way to add bulk to a simple charcuterie board, and provide people a salty snack, is to add crackers. If one does not have crackers, toasted slices from a baguette would work great. A bowl filled with a snack can add some height to the board as well, and the article encourages people to get creative and use whatever they have on hand. A dip like hummus or whipped goat cheese is great for this or a finger snack like olives or almonds. The final category is fillers, which one can use to fill up the empty spaces on the charcuterie board. Fruit is a great way to do this. Seasonal fruits and dried fruits are a crowd pleaser that are always welcome as well.

The cheese boards and charcuterie boards made of bamboo are among the items sold by Roots To Table. They come in three different styles: the Bamboo Cheese Board plus Knife Set (5 pc), which is 13.3" by 13.3", the Premium Charcuterie Board Set (21 pc), which measures 14.5" by 13" and the Ultimate Charcuterie Platter Gift Set (26 pc), which measures 14.5" by 13" and 13.3" by 13.3". Cheese, meat, crackers and wine can all be served on the platter that comes with the cheese board set. The cheese knives and server are made of stainless steel, and the bamboo is all natural. The Premium Charcuterie Board is similar to the Cheese Board plus Knife Set in that it is also made of 100% natural bamboo, but it is extra-large and includes more accessories in addition to the four cheese knives, such as two bowls, six appetizer forks, six bonus slate cheese labels and two hidden serving drawers.

Roots To Table has focused on developing and offering products for the home, especially the kitchen, since its establishment in 2013. Visit Roots To Table's website or browse their recently released cheese board and knife sets on to learn more about their products and history. Customers are encouraged to contact Roots to Table via phone or email using the details on their website.


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