Roots To Table: How The Right Tools & A Cheese Board Can Make A Gathering More Magical

Cedar Creek, Texas based cheese and charcuterie board manufacturer Roots To Table is highlighting the importance of having the right tools when it comes to entertaining at home. The company is dedicated to creating beautiful high-quality products and resources that help create authentic, high-class food experiences for everyone to enjoy.

The company points to an article from Aspiring Winos to emphasize their point. In Must-Have Charcuterie Accessories for Your Wine Tasting, the site says, “You’ve got to have the right tools for the job, and that is a strict rule when it comes to the art of entertaining. When you are putting together good charcuterie, cured meats, artisan crackers and perfectly matched cheese, having the right gear can go a long way in making sure the experience is holistic and authentic, and trust us when we say you don’t want to look like an amateur. With the right specialized and essential accessories, you can make sure that you wow your guests the next time you are entertaining them.”

Some of the more significant tools that can enhance the experience include cocktail plates, wooden trays, a dedicated serving set, cutting board oils, a mortar and pestle and so on. Cocktail plates, for instance, are not the traditional ceramic plates; instead, these are small wood boards that will hold the food and give the guests something to eat over. They also have a cutout to fit around the stem of a wine glass to prevent unfortunate spills.

Specialized food grade cleaning oil is the perfect way to care for well-used chopping blocks, cutting boards and cheese platters. It prevents splitting and damage associated with use, and these are critical to ensuring a certain standard is met when it comes to entertaining. It can also be helpful to have an oil and cream applicator — a sophisticated applicator is the perfect way to care for precious and in some cases, one of a kind charcuterie boards. Often, charcuterie boards can actually be preserved as heirlooms, if they are carefully tended to and well loved.

The article also recommends having disposable cheese board paper. Having cheese board paper can protect valuable serving platters. Alternatively, some vintage pieces might not be fit for placing food directly, and these papers allow hosts to celebrate their platters and boards that might have some rustic surfaces.

However, having the right accessories will not mean much unless they are accompanied by the right centerpiece. Roots to Table’s Bamboo Charcuterie Cheese Board and Knife Set is the ideal choice for anyone who is planning on entertaining. The all-in-one board set features a hidden slide-out tray for cutlery, making storage a snap and always keeping the cheese board set together when not in use. The underside of the serving board also features plastic protectors to safeguard countertops.

The charcuterie platter is fairly large (13.3" X 13.3" W X 1.4") with a surrounding carved well for crackers, fruits, and nuts, allowing people to enjoy making not only cheese boards but veggie boards, meat samplers and antipasti platters. The board also comes with a set of its own accessories: 4 beautiful stainless steel cheese knives that include the fork, almond, chisel and narrow plane. These utensils are specially crafted for slicing various cheeses from hard to soft. The premium cheese platter and cutlery set is made from eco-friendly, sustainably grown, 100% natural Bamboo. These charcuterie boards are stain and odor resistant, serving delicious meat and cheese boards every time.

Alan Burton of Roots To Table says, “You want to stand out from the crowd? Our high-quality cheese tray and knife set is what you need. Whether you are going to use it yourself or present it as a gift to someone else, this board is something that can be used again and again to great measure.”

Those interested in learning more about the range of products manufactured by Roots to Table (or the company itself) should visit their official website. They can also get in touch with the company via their direct phone line or their email address.


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