Roots To Table Creates New Charcuterie Board Set Website

TX based Roots To Table is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. The website’s arrival coincides with their relaunch as a brand, having shed their identity as Frux Home and Yard. The website, in addition to having a refreshed look and feel that reflects their new identity, provides a number of modern features that include Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and shop-after-pay, all of which are aimed at making every customer’s experience just a little bit easier. Roots To Table’s website also features a robust order tracking page, product detail pages and an easy-to-navigate interface and check out — along with 5-Star customer support. The website can be found at

“Whether it be hiking the beautiful Voyager Trails, skating a frozen Lake Superior, tapping the giant maples for syrup, or reviving fallen trees by turning them into unique ‘StoryBoards,’ we desire to live our lives in a way that is integrated with nature,” says Roots to Table. “Over the past few years, we have had the great privilege of visiting more than 40 countries, which lent us an appreciation for diverse cultures, local customs and traditional authentic cuisine. What we discovered during this time was that many of our most memorable moments were spent getting to enjoy incredible ‘food experiences’ with each other. These food experiences were the bedrock for new, engaging conversations and a greater sense of connection. We realized that this is something we take great pride and joy in within our homes as well! All our lives, the best memories we continue to create are with our family and friends in the heart of our home, around the kitchen table.”

From holidays to special celebrations to nights out with friends, Roots To Table takes great pleasure in creating fun, relaxed atmospheres where their customers can enjoy the culinary art they have spent years developing. Whether one intends on serving colorful cocktails, delicious finger foods or anything else imaginable, Roots To Table is guaranteed to make any occasion special. Their boards and other charcuterie-related items lend a certain atmosphere to every setting, elevating what might be a simple gathering into a warm, intimate event worth remembering.

Roots to Table also produces a variety of products, starting with their Sili Mitts oven mitts in 2014. They later expanded to cheese boards and cheese knives and continue to produce more and better products, all while maintaining their close ties to nature, both in terms of what materials they use and where they draw their inspiration from. Roots To Table continues to seek new inspiration everyday, and they hope to share their growth with their loyal customers through the new website.

Roots To Table’s boards and other products are of the highest quality, and as such they sell extremely quickly. A quick look through their store reveals that many of their products are sold out, receiving stellar reviews from happy customers. One such review comes from a customer named Kristin, who spent some time with a Roots To Table charcuterie board. The review shares, “I love that the accessories are stored right within the base of the board. It is sturdy, smooth and beautiful. The accessories are also of high quality and worked great. Just had a nice gathering and made a beautiful array of goodies. Board is a great size and fit a lot of food on it — I really like the inlay for crackers, olives, etc. Great product!”

Another customer named Paula states that it is a, “Great board that fits plenty of goodies. We had a BBQ for about 15 people, and it was a hit. I like the knives that came with the board. We wrapped the whole board with Saran wrap for easy transport.”

Roots To Table is one of the best places to purchase a high quality charcuterie board and other charcuterie-related items. Visit their new website for more information.


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