Roots To Table Cheese Board And Knife Set Receives First 5 Star Review

Roots To Table is highlighting a stellar 5-star review that its cheese board and knife set very recently received on Amazon. The review in question is the first one on the product’s Amazon page after its relaunch which happened as a part of the company’s rebranding from Frux Home and Yard to Roots To Table.

The review from the verified purchaser that was posted on April 22, 2022, says, “This board is so beautiful! The logo is burnt in the bamboo, for a very classy look. The tools are stored inside so you can't lose them, or scratch them up. The packaging is stylish and it arrived in 1 day. I'm looking forward to an opportunity to use my new board. I highly recommend this product!”

A spokesperson for Roots To Table responded to Barbara's 5 star review by saying, “Thank you for acknowledging the aesthetic finesse that we have managed to achieve with this high-quality cheese board and knife set. We made sure to consider our ideal customers’ needs and designed the visual appeal of the product around their priorities. Designing a product that was attractive to look at along with providing a high-end finish and feel was one of our top-most goals. We wanted the cheese board and knife set to match and live up to the expectations that our discerning customers would have from a premium product. We wanted a cheese board that would be at home in their exquisitely decorated homes and would also be the envy of their guests and neighbors. You can confidently pull this product out at one of your soirees and get compliments from those who you have invited over to spend some time with, over good food and delicious wine. While being amazingly beautiful to touch and hold, the new cheese board and knife set is also extremely practical and functional as it comes with all the accessories you need to make the most of your charcuterie board experience. All the items are also stored in special drawers within the board itself making it easy to keep all the components together for organized and tidy usage at every party. We are thrilled that the reviewer noted this feature and is making the best use of it. We wish them the best of times with their close friends and family that will no doubt want to visit them again and again. You too can be the perfect host with the Roots To Table Cheese and Knife board set. Please visit our Amazon store page today to order one for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.”

The premium charcuterie board is made from 100% eco-friendly, sustainably grown, natural, BPA-free bamboo ensuring a healthy serving surface for all kinds of cheese, meat, fruit, veggie, bread, sushi, sliders, and dessert spreads. The bamboo is resistant to absorbing the stains and odors of the items that are served on the platter due to its nonporous surface. The bamboo has a classic natural texture and color that blends into any contemporary kitchen or living room décor.

The functionality offered by the cheese and knife board set is kicked up a notch by the presence of a removable slotted drawer that seamlessly slides in and out. The drawer stores all the slicing, serving and spreading accessories that come with the board. The drawer also pulls out of the board completely for easy cleaning. The charcuterie board also has a surrounding carved well that is great for storing and serving crackers, fruits, and nuts.

The cheese board and knife set also comes with 4 cheese knives, each of which has been designed for use with a particular kind of hard or soft cheese. The chisel knife is perfect for use with crumbly and firm cheeses such as Parmesan, Emmentaler, Aged Cheddar, Asiago, Manchego, Gouda, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. The cheese fork is useful for hard and crumbly cheeses such as Stilton and Feta. The narrow plane can be used for semi-firm and soft cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, Mozzarella, Cream Feta, Goat, Blue, and Ricotta. The almond knife is designed to slice through hard and semi-hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Goya, Grana Padano, Greve, and Pecorino.


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