Roots Renewal Ranch Describes Common Causes and Treatments for Anger Issues Affecting Adolescent Girls

Argyle, Texas: Roots Renewal Ranch has recently released an article describing common causes and treatments for anger issues affecting adolescent girls.

Everyone becomes angry sometimes, including teenagers. Anger is a natural response to situations that feel unjust or uncomfortable. However, sometimes anger can get out of hand. When teenage girls experience chronic anger, it is usually a sign of deeper issues. The good news is anger issues in adolescent girls are treatable. Young women can learn skills to cope with anger, overcome mental health conditions, and live happy and productive lives.

A report from the National Alliance on Mental Illness Texas shares that there has been a 31% increase in mental health emergency department visits as of February 2022. The information shows that adolescents with an emotional or behavioral issue are three times more likely to repeat a grade. Anger issues in teenage girls result from several risk factors, including the need for independence, the brain still being in the developmental stage, depression, complex social situations, strained family relationships, or the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roots Renewal Ranch is a behavioral health treatment center for teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 17. They specialize in treating substance use and mental health disorders. According to the treatment team at Roots, “Anger is a natural emotion that is healthy when expressed appropriately.”

The team at Roots Renewal Ranch advocates for a treatment plan that teaches young women to feel angry appropriately. They wisely point out, “No one likes to be told to calm down when feeling a strong emotion.” Through trauma-informed care, the mental health professionals at Roots create individualized programs designed to help their adolescent patients develop the tools to process and express their emotions appropriately. Some still live by the adage that children should be “seen and not heard,” but in reality, teaching young people to process their emotions appropriately will create a world with more adults utilizing this skill. To the professionals at Roots, the cure for emotional outbursts is not shutting down or suppressing emotion; it is an honest conversation that leads to recovery.

Parents and caregivers can help their daughters navigate difficult emotions. First, parents can let their daughters feel their emotions, even the negative ones. Next, help them understand that anger is a normal emotion everyone must work through. Next, caregivers should take time to learn their daughter’s triggers and be prepared to provide emotional support. Finally, parents and caregivers of teenage girls should set boundaries for expressing anger.

Anger management for adolescent girls can be challenging, but with the proper support, these girls can become emotionally mature individuals who positively contribute to their community.

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Roots Renewal Ranch is a behavioral health center in Argyle, Texas. The team at Roots works with teenage girls to overcome substance use and behavioral health challenges. Roots Renewal Ranch is committed to using evidence-based therapeutic methods, trauma-informed care, and participation in a community of peers to help young women find healing and mental wellness. They pride themselves on teaching teenage girls to love themselves through the process of healing.


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