Root Canal Treatment In Woden Explained

Phillip ACT, based Acacia Dental Group wishes to explain why a root canal treatment may be recommended over a dental implant at their clinic. The latter, while known for being a safe, long-lasting option that works in the vast majority of cases, is sometimes less viable than a root canal treatment, and the clinic says it is important for patients to understand why.

“If you discuss the difference between a dental implant and a root canal treatment in Woden,” Acacia Dental states, “you will learn that each procedure is better suited for certain circumstances. Teeth do not always decay or suffer damage in the same way, so our team will always take the time to determine the true extent of your condition and then consider which of these two options would meet your needs best. Fortunately, both procedures have a high chance of success and will offer you excellent quality of life post-recovery.”

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As part of a consultation, Acacia Dental’s team also ensures that patients understand what options are at their disposal. This also means they explain what each option entails, including its advantages, possible side effects, costs and more. However, they add that it can help if patients already know some of what to expect before they ever come in for a consultation (provided the information is medically accurate).

In a recent blog post, the clinic explains that, “Every tooth has a root that anchors it into your jawbone. Inside the root is a substance called the pulp. The pulp is a mixture of blood vessels and nerves. The pulp chamber extends into the roots of your teeth. Sometimes, when a tooth is infected, the bacteria enters this area.”

They continue, “A root canal treatment is used to treat infection within the root canal system by removing the pulp and filling the space. Once you have an infection within the root, the only long-term options are extraction or a root canal. “

If an infection is suspected, a root canal treatment may be the best way to clear it out and save the remaining tissue. According to the clinic, some patients may be surprised to learn that the treatment will not affect their quality of life in any appreciable manner. In fact, given that they will likely be experiencing a great deal of discomfort by the time they require this treatment, the clinic says a patient may expect to resume their daily activities with no discomfort whatsoever once they have recovered fully.

Acacia Dental explains that a patient will notice they can chew as they usually would, applying the same biting force as they are used to. The sensation will be similar as well. Further, the tooth will appear completely natural and healthy, with no risk of standing out when they smile. The clinic adds that this treatment also has the bonus effect of protecting the adjacent teeth from excessive wear and tear.

As with most treatments and procedures, it is in a patient’s best interests to undergo a root canal treatment as soon as possible if required. They state, “If you think there is a chance you need a root canal treatment, then the sooner you make an appointment, the better it is in the long term. To book an appointment with us at our Woden dental practice, give us a call today. Our dentist will review your mouth and discuss your treatment options.”

The team at Acacia Dental Group is accustomed to working with patients on short notice, particularly where emergency dentistry is called for. In situations where the patient suffers an accident or perhaps an overnight development in their condition, Acacia Dental has the means to schedule them for rapid consultation and treatment (if the dentist deems it necessary).

The fastest way to reach the clinic is to call their front desk, but patients are welcome to email the team or get in touch via their preferred social media platforms as well. In cases where time may be of the essence, however, they strongly recommend that patients use whatever method is most convenient and accessible at the time. The clinic’s contact details can be found on their website and other platforms.


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