Rooms In The City Touts the Advantages of Short Term Rental Stays Versus that of Hotels and Hostels

Rooms in The City Inc wants people to know the advantages that short-term rental stays offer as opposed to staying in a hotel or hostel. This company that specializes in apartments and rooms for rent in NYC witnesses these benefits daily and that’s why they decided to pass along this information. They also know that people coming into the New York City area to stay for short periods of time have many options for this but few offer them the comfort, selection, and affordability of short-term rentals. Short term rentals In NYC are now also fast becoming the most preferred option for those entering into the city to study or participate in internships. The company describes a short-term let as one that lasts six months or less but they are known to rent rooms and apartments for short stays in New York City.

The CEO of Rooms in The City, Harry Jeanty, says, “We very much enjoy the role we play in helping people find reasonably priced short-term rentals in the greater New Your City area. They provide a much better option for our renters than overcrowded hostels with few amenities or paying exorbitant prices for hotel rooms that offer little more than a bed, TV, and a desk. That’s why we wanted to take the time to point out the advantages that our short-term rental solutions offer over staying in a hostel or hotel.”

Jeanty started by saying that one of the biggest advantages when it comes to choosing a short-term rental is how many options are now available in this rental market. He says this is due to the strong demand for shorter-term furnished room rentals and people responding to that demand by opening up their homes and apartments to this market. Besides the large selection of furnished room choices they have, the company CEO also mentioned that their renters can choose rooms and apartments that are located very close to where they will be studying, interning, or conducting their business or leisure activities. This is not always the case with hotels and hostels which tend to be located in more touristy areas of the Big Apple. He added that this is not only convenient for their Students but it will also save them even more money on transportation costs to get around the city.

The company CEO also stated that the access their Students and travellers have to cooking facilities is also a big draw for those that rent from them. Even many of their furnished rooms often have self-cooking options. He cited that many of their tenants prefer cooking themselves as opposed to paying high NYC restaurant prices daily. This is not only a convenient and cost-saving feature of short-term rentals but having to go out in public less is also a bonus during the ongoing pandemic. It was mentioned by Jeanty, that short-term apartment and room rentals offer flexible move-in and move-out dates too, just as hotels and hostels do. Many times, this is done with much less fuss at their rental apartments and rooms than is the case with other short term stay options that have inflexible rules as to move-in and move-out times. He says that their apartments and furnished rooms typically offer more space than hotel rooms and have the same or better amenities such as free Wi-Fi, cable TV, desks, and comfortable beds.

Rooms in The City has many options for short-term stays in the heart of NYC with furnished roooms that are located within short driving distances such as options in Manhattan and Brooklyn New York City. Jeanty added that those looking for ‘short term rentals near me ' in New York City are welcome to call them or fill out the ‘Drop Us a Line’ form that’s found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website. On their website’s homepage is also a convenient search tool that will help their customers pull up a list of short-term rental furnished rooms that are available through the company on specific dates.


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