Roofing Contractor Serving Temple Terrace Florida Offers the Mighty Dog Visualizer to Help Customize the Home’s External Appearance

Mighty Dog Roofing of Northeast Tampa based in Temple Terrace, FL, takes pride in providing the Mighty Dog Visualizer, which is a curb appeal visualizer app that allows the user to visualize what the home would look like when using a certain roofing material and color. This enables the homeowner or property owner to try various materials and colors so that there would be no surprises when the project is completed. The app can run on the smartphone and on any mobile device. Those who want to know more about the company can visit company website.

Those who are considering having their roof repaired can get also get a free estimate from Mighty Dog Roofing. They will perform a professional 25 point inspection free of charge. This will include: inspection of skylights; inspection of valleys; eaves and rakes inspection; inspection of step and counter flashing; ventilation inspection; inspection of storm damage caused by hail; hip and ridge inspection; nail head inspection; inspection of gutter aprons; inspection of roof sheathing or decking; drip edge inspection; chimney inspection; soffits and fascia inspection; roof edging inspection; gutters inspection; window inspection; plumbing stack inspection; roof ventilation and exhaust system inspection; inspection of furnace caps and pipes; attic inspection; downspouts inspection; aircon unit exterior inspection; inspection of siding; foundation drainage inspection; inspection of step counter flashing; and inspection of storm damage caused by the wind.

To perform the inspection, they will use their drone technology, which they call Drone Sky View. A spokesperson for Mighty Dog Roofing of Northeast Tampa says, “The initial inspection will serve as the baseline health of your roof with our complete and thorough inspection, we keep your roofing service records and measurements, along with the history of any roofing repairs and replacement, locked away in your customer vault. This information will be unlocked every year so we can compare your last inspection with the current condition of your Temple Terrace Florida property.”

Mighty Dog Roofing also provides the Watchdog Maintenance service, which is done every year to discover any potential problems with the roof that can worsen and become serious issues for the roof and home later on. They will also compare the results of the inspections each year to determine how long the roof can still be expected to last.

All of the information obtained from inspections won’t matter much unless these are stored for later use. That is why Might Dog Roofing also provides the Customer Vault for each and every customer. This serves as a storage for all kinds of important information about the roof and home of the customer. These include: yearly updated drone inspection information; warranty information; photographs and videos; manufacturer information; insurance information repair records; reports for the customer’s realtor/insurance agent; yearly reminders for the inspection of the customer’s roof; monitoring of all repairs and replacements with dates, products, and services used; and all insurance details for easy and convenient claims handling. Those interested in knowing more about Mighty Dog Roofing and their services can visit web site.

Mighty Dog Roofing of Northeast Tampa is locally owned and operated by Adam Barnes who grew up in Fort Walton Beach, FL. He enlisted in the US Air Force after high school and served for almost 26 years before retiring in 2014. After retiring from active duty, he took on the position of Property Insurance Adjuster with a local insurance company in Tampa Bay where he relocated to and has been living there with his wife and two sons for the last eight years. Their service area includes: Northeast Tampa, Land O’Lakes, San Antonio, Wesley Chapel, Temple Terrace, Lutz, Tampa Palms, Zephyrhills, Dade City, Pebble Creek, and Thonotosassa.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Mighty Dog Roofing of Temple Terrace Florida is not just here for today but for the issues that can arise tomorrow. We are proud to offer a craftsmanship warranty with your manufacturer's warranty. We feel that it is important for us to not just be here today but to help you throughout your homeownership. With that in mind, we back up all our warranties with our exclusive free Mighty Watchdog Maintenance program.”

Those who would like to get the services of a roofing contractor serving Temple Terrace, FL, can visit the Mighty Dog Roofing of Northeast Tampa website or contact them on the telephone. To know their address and other significant information about the business, those interested can check out their Google Maps page.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of Northeast Tampa, contact the company here:

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