Roofing Contractor in Clinton MI Blog Post Talks About the Importance of Balancing Roof Aesthetics & Function When Making Repairs

Miller's Home Improvement, a reputable Clinton, Michigan-based roofing contractor, has just posted a blog that discusses why homeowners need to balance aesthetics with functionality when doing repairs before putting their home up for sale. This roofing company thought this information was important to get out because roofs are one of the most scrutinized areas on any home during pre-sale inspections. That’s why they say it’s important to get a needed roof repair done right not just on the surface but also with what’s underneath the roof covering too. As an experienced roofing contractor that’s often involved with repairs relating to home sales, they have seen many times where the failure to balance both looks and functionality has caused additional expenses or sales delays for a homeowner.

The company owner, Eric Miller, says, “Most of our blog ideas that we come up with are based on roof repair-related events that we have witnessed time and time again. So too is the case with our latest blog which is titled, ‘3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Balance Both Roof Aesthetics and Function’. It’s a blog that is meant to warn people that focusing too much on looks when undertaking a roof repair before they put their home on the market can come back to haunt them.”

In the new blog, it started by saying that how a roof looks most certainly cannot be ignored if someone is about to put their home up for sale. It states this is especially true if a roof looks shabby or in a state of disrepair. Since the roof is one of the first things on a home that a prospective buyer sees, a roof in an unkempt condition will instantly hurt the curb appeal of any home and most likely drive its value down too.

This Miller's Home Improvement blog post went on to state that just quickly throwing down a new layer of shingles is not always the answer either. It went on to say that if a roof has structural problems or discrepancies with its underlayment, this will most definitely be discovered in a home inspection and will have to be addressed before a home sale is allowed to go through. That’s why the blog states that any homeowner that makes a roof repair before they put their home on the market must also take a close look at their roof’s overall functionality. Only after this has been done can they decide how to appropriately approach their roof repair.

In the new blog, it was also stated that homeowners should not hesitate to do whatever it takes to make their roof sound and aesthetically pleasing when they are about to do a roof repair. The article says this is because most likely they will recoup what they spend when they sell their home. It was also mentioned that a new repair that leaves a roof fully functional and looking good can even significantly increase a home’s value beyond what an owner spends on a roof repair. According to the article, roofs that have recently had significant repairs done on them can also use that repair as a significant selling point.

Miller went on to say that what’s discussed in the new blog is the reason why so many homeowners in the Clinton, Michigan area who want to enhance the chances of selling their homes quickly ask them to do whole roof replacements. It’s a type of roofing repair that fully addresses both the looks and functionality of any home’s roof. Roof replacements also happen to be one of Miller's Home Improvement’s specialties that they often get rave reviews on.

This sentiment is backed up by a review taken from their Google My Business listing in which customer Ken Whitley states, “Eric and his team at Miller's Home Improvement did an exceptional job replacing our entire roof, including a skylight. We solicited multiple quotes, ultimately choosing Miller's Home Improvement based on others' recommendations. Eric was timely and thorough in communicating before, during, and after the project. Minor issues were professionally discussed and quickly addressed. Cleanup was immaculate on both days of the project.”

This roofing contractor in Clinton MI always makes themselves available to those in the area who need advice on how to handle a needed roof repair before they put their homes up for sale.


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