Roofing Company Prepares Local Buildings For Summer

Dayton, Ohio -

Mighty Dog Roofing of Dayton, OH is working with local homeowners and businesses to ensure their roofs are in good shape. Since the company offers free inspections to their community, they say this is a good time to make use of this service and ensure every roof is ready for the summer.

Contrary to popular belief, physical damage or collisions from other objects (such as falling tree branches) are not the only way a roof’s integrity can be affected. Generally, the company explains, roofing materials are chosen with the property’s specific needs in mind, but no material can be properly prepared for the complete spectrum of changes its external environment can go through. With the peak of summer approaching fast, certain roofs may experience what is known as thermal shock if they are not made of the right materials.

Mighty Dog Roofing of Dayton

Dayton is known for temperatures that can range from 22°F to 85°F, and while these are hardly extraordinary temperatures, either ‘extreme’ can still have a negative effect on a roof in the right circumstances. Aging roofs in particular, or roofs that have suffered damage as a result of other incidents, may be vulnerable to cracking and other undesirable changes when exposed to heat, UV, humidity and so on, so property owners are advised to have these problems resolved as promptly as possible.

As a commercial and residential roofer, Mighty Dog Roofing can both inspect and correct any issues a roof may have, and the team is familiar with the complete range of materials used in Dayton. No matter how old a property may be, the company will know how to take care of its roof, whether this involves replacing shingles or even performing a full replacement with modern materials. On that note, the company uses nothing but the best materials on the market, so customers can always look forward to enduring no further issues for the foreseeable future.

J. Judkins, a customer, reached out to the company when they suspected their roof needed a professional’s attention, and Mighty Dog Roofing confirmed that the house in question required a full replacement. As is their custom, the company examined a range of options and presented their top recommendations to the customer. The review explains that the company demonstrated, “Great customer service,” and there were, “no complaints. We received a complete new roof. The crew was fast, experienced and friendly. The clean up was excellent. Joel was the best; he explained everything and was always available for communication. We recommend Mighty Dog Roofing. They did a very good job.”

Other customers similarly praise the company for their team’s punctual nature, expertise and willingness to go the extra mile. Mighty Dog Roofing recognizes that they have a responsibility to their community as trusted roofers, and they take this role extremely seriously. A homeowner’s peace of mind, or a business owner’s livelihood, may rest in the company’s hands whenever they work on a roof, so they strive to do an impeccable job on every occasion. When a customer contacts Mighty Dog Roofing, they can safely expect the company to put their needs first at every stage.

In practice, this is supported by several policies that customers appreciate alongside the company’s primary role as a roofing, gutter and siding contractor. To begin with, customers are always offered an upfront estimate for any work that is being proposed, and they can expect no hidden fees or surprise charges later on (unless the customer themselves elects to change the scope of the project). Mighty Dog’s team also prefers to have a frank discussion with their customers, explaining what issues have been found and offering every opportunity to clear any concerns the latter may have. When a project commences, the company says, they vastly prefer to have both the customer’s complete confidence and understanding.

Anyone looking for a Dayton roofing company need go no further than Mighty Dog Roofing. The company provides a comprehensive suite of roofing services, and their team is currently standing by to respond to any customer’s request for assistance. Donnie Hall of Mighty Dog Roofing of Dayton can be reached for further details.


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