Roofing Company in Winston Salem NC Recommends Roof Maintenance During Winter

Grace Roofing And Construction LLC, a Winston Salem roofing company, wants to advise homeowners in Winston Salem, North Carolina, about the importance of roof maintenance even during the winter months. While the Winston Salem area usually experiences a milder winter than most, it would still be beneficial to have routine inspections performed on the roof to ensure that any small issues may be corrected before they develop into more serious problems. And because of the milder winter, it is possible to perform a roof replacement or a roof installation all winter long in Winston Salem and neighboring areas.

Richard Sakowski, owner of Grace Roofing And Construction LLC, says, “We would like to stress the importance of roof maintenance during the winter months. While North Carolina has a milder winter than most, the cold temperatures will cause the roofing materials to contract and possibly cause some problems. The contraction and expansion of roofing materials through the years may gradually cause some damage, resulting into cracks and holes that may results into roof leaks. Regular roof inspections during winter can help detect small problems and these can be remedied before they worsen.”

Winston Salem Roof Replacement

Grace Roofing And Construction LLC provides affordable but dependable roof repair in Winston Salem and surrounding areas. Because of the milder winter temperatures, they can perform roof repair, roof installation, or a Winston Salem roof replacement all throughout the winter months. They are a small, family-owned business that is large enough to be capable of taking any kind of roofing job, from the simple replacement of a damaged shingle tile to a total commercial roofing installation.

This roofing company may be able to help a homeowner with repairs of all kinds. Their team or professionals have been providing roofing services for the Winston Salem community for more than a decade. These include loose and damaged shingles; leaky roofs; a collapsed roof; rotting wood in the roof; damaged venting materials; leaky vent pipes, flashing, and chimneys; and fascia wind damage.

And if the roof is already too old, it may no longer be advisable to have it repaired. There might be too many things to repair that it is more affordable to have the roof replaced. However, it is important to consult with a roofing professional to find out if the roof really needs to be replaced or a simple repair may suffice. Well-maintained roofs may last for 20 years or more and roof replacement can be quite expensive.

The roof replacement process has a number of steps, according to Grace Roofing And Construction LLC. First, they will visit the home and inspect the roof. This will allow to make sure that a complete roof replacement is really what is required. Second, they will provide a detailed written quote to the homeowner, indicating the things that have to be done and the various expenses involved. If the homeowner accepts the proposal and the quoted price, a contract will have to be signed and financing may have to be arranged, depending on the needs of the homeowner. The fourth step is for the company to prepare for the project by removing existing shingles, damaged flashing, damaged drip edging, and other components of the roof. Fifth, they will perform some minor repairs that may be required. Sixth, they will ensure that the home is protected at all times while they are performing the roof replacement. If need be, they will put down some asphalt roofing paper and staple it securely in place to provide a barrier between the home’s interior and any water that manages to get under the roofing. The seventh step is the actual roof replacement, where they install the new shingles, vents, flashing, and other roofing components. And lastly, they will cleanup the area, ensuring that they leave the property clean and safe for the family.

When in need for maintenance or installation services for roofing Winston Salem residents may want to check out the Grace Roofing And Construction LLC website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They may be contacted 24 hours a day at any day of the week.


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