Roofers Near Austin Lead Community Into The Solar Future

TX based Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. is encouraging their community to consider making the switch to solar energy. With solar panels becoming cheaper than ever and installation procedures reaching a high degree of standardization, homeowners have never had as great an opportunity to take their property off the grid and become energy independent. Fortunately, Cool Roofs Inc. is committed to making sure Austin homes take their first steps into a renewable energy future with the best materials, products and service possible.

There are many reasons why customers might wish to choose Cool Roofs Inc. for their Austin solar panel installation, the first and foremost of which may be that the company exclusively utilizes industry-leading solar panel products that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Solar panels can represent a sizable investment for most families and individuals, so the company has elected to eschew any products that do not meet their requirements. This effectively means that every single component they install is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty — the vast majority of which, if not all, extend for several decades, virtually covering the entirety of the panels’ expected lifespan.

Austin Roofing Cool Roors Inc Commercial Roof

However, even the best components can be rendered useless if not handled by a professional. Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. is proud to reassure their community that their staff include experienced roofing professionals who are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and these are the individuals who will be carrying out every installation. Cool Roofs Inc. considers it a mark of failure if even one customer is not satisfied with their work, so they take every measure possible to provide the highest standards of workmanship and service.

Homeowners and businesses who have worked with Cool Roofs in Austin TX have also discovered the company goes to extraordinary lengths to maintain a high standard of customer service at every stage, no matter how simple or complex a job may be. The team understands that everyone in their community, especially homeowners, wants to be sure that their roof is in good hands and is receiving the attention of a professional. While the company’s results speak for themselves, they make it a point to explain every step of the process prior to beginning any job, and customers are always welcome to ask as many questions as they deem necessary. This has the ultimate effect of putting them at ease well before the job is complete, and its conclusion only reinforces their impression that they made the right choice in choosing Cools Roofs Inc.

An excerpt from a recent review by Katherin T. expresses this in great detail. Their 5-Star review on the company’s Google profile says, “ Hudson is wonderful to work with; a good communicator, responsive and committed to customer service. He spent a lot of time helping me provide information to the insurance company, decide on shingle options and then supervised the roof installation on the day of installation. Installation was smooth and proceeded as planned (and only took one day!) over a highly recommended roofer. This is a straightforward, ethical roofing company.”

A similarly glowing review from Stephen T. shares, “I've had the pleasure of working with Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. in the past. Colt Moncla and his partner in the Austin area, Hudson, are top notch guys. When other roofing contractors don't show up, Cool Roofs does. They do what they say they will. Whether you are looking for a flat commercial roof or a residential roof, Cool Roofs in Austin can help you and give you a safe, cool and dry roofing system.”

Homeowners who have looked into solar panels will already know about the myriad benefits this incredible technology offers. In addition to helping them become more energy independent, they can eliminate a large portion of their carbon footprint and drastically reduce their energy bills at the same time. However, the company understands that many in their community may be reluctant to go any further for fear that it would be too expensive.

In response to this, Cool Roofs Inc. advises interested homeowners to contact their team for a free estimate. The company offers free estimates and repairs in all their services, and their solar panel installations are no different. As part of this process, customers are also welcome to direct all inquiries to the company’s experts, such as those regarding component prices, maintenance and so on. Homeowners can also have a professional conduct a walkout and discuss every facet of a prospective installation to ensure they will not be caught unawares by any developments.

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