Roof Replace or Repair: Small Business Owners get Advice in New MM Dynamic Blog

MM Dynamic is a Hudson Valley Region of New York company that is known for doing quality residential and commercial roofing work. This roofing company also likes to help its customers make sound decisions when it comes to repairing or replacing their aging roofs. As an example of this, the company recently posted a blog on its website that was directed at small business owners who are trying to decide whether to spend money doing a temporary repair on their roofs or going all out and getting roof replacement work done. The latter of which gives a small business owner more peace of mind that their buildings are not only watertight but also keeps them looking good. This and many other blogs that can help home and business owners make important roof decisions can be seen on the company website at

The company owner, Miklos Moritz, says, “We realize that a small business owner deciding whether or not to spend a significant amount of money on a new roof is a very big decision. It’s also one that’s best made when a small business owner has all of the facts regarding this decision. That’s exactly why we took the time to carefully prepare and write our latest blog. It gives a business owner a good idea of the specific considerations they should take into account when deciding to repair or replace their commercial building’s roof."

MM Dynamic

In this new MM Dynamic blog, it first starts by saying that having a sound roof is one of the most crucial aspects of any commercial building. That makes maintaining it very important. The blog added that it’s even more important than a roof in the Saugerties area to be maintained by a reputable and experienced roofing company such as them. It then went on to talk about roof repair versus replacement. First discussed in the blog was shingled roofs. The blog stated that in many instances it’s ok to go ahead and make small repairs to shingled roofs but there are some notable exceptions. This includes roofs that have gone 10 to 15 years without having their shingles replaced. Signs of aging and worn shingles include areas where they have faded badly and finding large amounts of shingle debris in gutters and downspouts. If these scenarios are the case, then a roof replacement is the recommended way to go.

The new MM Dynamic blog then went on to talk about when it’s time to put new roofing material down on a commercial flat roof. It noted that flat roofs that are blistered, sagging, or getting water trapped underneath the outer layer of material can usually benefit by having a new flat roof coating placed over them. The blog also advised those commercial property owners who are unsure if they need a roof repair or replacement to contact a professional roofer such as them to come to do a free inspection. Small business owners that are interested in reading this entire blog article can do so here at

Those small business owners that have decided to go ahead and have MM Dynamic put a new roof on for them have expressed being very satisfied with that work. Attila @ ATA Wolf Corp. stated, “I was totally pleased with how Mike and his crew managed my roof renovation project from start to finish. He is very professional yet friendly and the communication was absolutely flawless. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to upgrade their roof.”

Moritz also talked about the wide variety of roofing services that his company offers. This includes many different commercial and residential roof repair and installation services. They are also one of their area's most sought-after commercial flat roof specialists. When doing that type of work, they almost exclusively use high-quality Prokol Protective Coatings which are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry. He added that they are also pleased to be able to provide the tin, slate, and copper roof work that some of the older and more traditional-style homes in the Hudson Valley Region require. Those in Albany, Saugerties, Poughkeepsie, and other nearby Hudson Valley areas that are interested in the roofing services that MM Dynamic has to offer can refer to its website or go to its Facebook Page which can be seen here at

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