Roof.Net Shares 5-star Review that Gave Them Exceptionally High Praise

Roof.Net, a Fairfax, VA based contractor, is proud to announce that they have just received another 5-star review on the business overwatch site The satisfied customer acknowledged in the review that not only was this roofing contractor’s work exceptional but the communication throughout the job was outstanding too. That’s the type of work that those that contract with Roof.Net have come to accept as normal. This review can be seen here at

In the review mentioned-above, Martin H. states, “A pleasant company to work with and great customer service! Met with Ken personally and he was thorough in his work and explanations. Was informed of what was completed as each stage of the roof replacement was progressing which was much appreciated (sent videos via text explaining what had been done/currently worked on). Would 100% recommend this company for your roofing needs! That’s not the only glowing review that Roof.Net has received on either. They have totaled 133 reviews on that average out to an impressive 5 out of a possible 5-stars. In another of those reviews, Ross B. says, “Ken and his crew were great to work with. Their pricing was straightforward and communication was awesome. From start to finish, they went above and beyond. They removed all shingles by hand to minimize damage to the sheathing and Ken sent videos along while the job was going on to explain what just crew was doing and why. They used top of the line materials and still came in at half the price of some of the other companies we had gotten quotes from.” Similarly, the company has had over 400 reviews left about them on their Google Maps Listing and they average a perfect 5 out of 5-star rating there too. Very few companies, no matter what line of work they are in, have been able to achieve such consistently high ratings after receiving that many reviews. Several more glowing reviews on the company can also be seen on their Twitter account at

Ken Briesemeister, the company owner, says, “Some friends and associates of mine like to ask if it surprises me that we get so many great reviews online. They are the ones who are even more surprised when I unflinchingly tell them ‘no’. I explain to them that every company, no matter what line of work they are in, should be consistently getting exceptional reviews. That’s because when a company is being consistently rated highly it means they are giving their customers the well-rounded services that they deserve. We want to always excel when it comes to the quality of our roofing work, the superior materials that we use, the fairness of our pricing, and communication during the entire roofing project.”

According to the owner, many of the reviews that they receive are the result of their whole roof replacement services. He says it’s a specialty of his company. It’s the best way for their customers to take an aging roof that is becoming unsightly and possibly leaking and turn it in for a roof that looks great and is completely watertight. As part of the re-roofing process, Briesemeister says they will also thoroughly inspect the entire roof structure and replace the insulating underlayment. That way, each of their customers who gets their roof replaced can rest assured that they have just made an investment in their homes that will last them well into the future. He added that his crew does a great job when doing roof replacements, regardless of whether it's a simple small roof with few protrusions, or a larger roof with many gables, dormers, and other decorative features. The owner says that they are also becoming well-known for being able to install one or more skylights as part of a roof replacement project or as a solo roofing task.

Briesemeister says that those who would like more information about their whole roof replacements or other roofing services, they can visit his company’s website at


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