Roof.Net Receives Rave Review From Happy Customer

Roof.Net, based in Fairfax, Virginia, is pleased to acknowledge a highly positive review from a happy customer via the Google platform. The customer who posted the review is completely convinced that the fact that the company consistently receives 5-Star ratings is not at all a mistake. Learn more here:

The review reads as follows, “I understand 5-Star ratings for all reviews received can seem a little artificial, but please believe they are not in this case. Having to replace a roof by myself was incredibly intimidating. Mr. Briesemeister of Improve Today, Inc. was kind, informative and made the entire process much less so. He took the time to inform me about my current roof, make recommendations and explain why (like removing the ugly turbine roof vents I had!) and costs which allowed me to sit through other roofers estimates and understand what they were offering. His prices were the best, his team efficient and considerate and the roof done in a day despite all that they did.”

The customer praises many aspects of the services provided by Roof.Net. The review places the owner, Mr. Briesemeister, in high regard for guidance provided and also praises the company’s cost efficiency as well as the expertise of his team. Learn more here:

The review also highlights many aspects about the company, the first being their dedication to their clientele. has been serving their community for more than 40 years and has built a reputation of trust and excellence. The trust placed in them is a motivating factor for the team at Roof.Net as well. Whether a customer is merely in need of another set of expert eyes to double check the roof of a property they are thinking about purchasing, or if they want to have professionals come out and check over a roof to see the needs to be repaired or replaced, the team at Roof.Net is happy to help. The company also services members of the community who are in need of legitimate professionals to arrive within a short time in order to tackle a roofing emergency. They also offer their local community free and zero-obligation roofing estimates in order to provide whatever assistance is needed. Aside from glowing customer reviews, the company is also the proud recipient of numerous industry awards. Learn more here:

Roof.Net points out that most homeowners operate under the assumption that the roof on their home will last anywhere between 15 years and 30 years. This is within good reason as it is a general rule of thumb that most are old about modern rooms, particularly those using asphalt architectural shingles. However, that 15 to 30-year lifespan for a roof only holds true if it has not been battered by the tough Northern Virginia weather. It may also last for a shorter period of time if it was not installed correctly by legitimate experts. If not installed with the expertise wielded by individuals such as those on the team at Roof.Net, the roof may only last around 10 years. The company points out that regular maintenance and upkeep is necessary for any part of one’s home, but particularly the roof. To quote the company, “After all, your roof is the number one line of defense against everything Mother Nature throws at your home. Skip out on maintenance or upkeep (or if the previous homeowner wasn’t as serious about upkeep as you are) and your roof may have already passed its expiration date.”

The company also highlights the importance of proper roof inspection. Every roof in the community is unique, and the experts at Roof.Net will go through a multifaceted roof inspection which covers every last inch. The obvious wear and tear would be easily noticed, but the trained experts will look for not only cosmetic damage but also signs of structural damage or weakness. They will then provide the homeowner with information about the roof’s lifespan as well as any issues that they may have found. Following this, the owner will be provided with comprehensive recommendations and guidance on how to proceed. The company also specializes in roof replacement. No matter the situation, Roof.Net has all the tools and technology they need to rebuild and restore a roof, piece by piece with repairs or with a total roof tear off and replacement, and the company guarantees that the quality of work will result in a longer lifespan for one’s roof.

The company has received many positive reviews. One such review by Dominic R. on the Google platform states that it was a, “Completely seamless experience. From beginning to end, Ken was a true professional. We had our entire roof replaced in one day. Ken went through the entire roof replacement process and was very responsive to our questions. On the day of install, his crew was clean and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend Ken and his crew.”

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