Receives New 5-Star Review From Happy Customer

Fairfax, VA-based is pleased to acknowledge a recent 5-Star review they received from one of their many pleased customers. The customer, Rich Holcomb, contacted to repair his roof, and he was very happy with the results. The review can be found at

“I am very grateful for the great job Ken’s team did in repairing my roof, which was in great need of repair,” says Holcomb’s review. “With the winter on the horizon, I was particularly grateful for how quickly they were able to get the job done. I also truly enjoyed all of my interactions with Ken.”

The Fairfax roofing contractor offers roof repairs and installations and has come to be known among local homeowners as the go-to roofing repair and installation provider in the region. Most homeowners assume that their roof will last between 15 and 30 years, which is the general ‘rule of thumb’ when it comes to modern homes, especially those that use asphalt architectural shingles. This, however, is only true if the roof has not been subjected to some of the rough weather conditions that are often experienced in Northern Virginia. If the roof has not been properly installed by experts, it is even less likely to last as long as expected.

A roof must be regularly maintained if it is to endure. A roof protects the building under it from the outside world, keeping both property and the people who live or work in said building safe from the weather. This makes it the most important part of any home, in turn making its protection a crucial goal for any household. Failure to maintain one’s roof is the same as failing to protect one’s home — and can have dire consequences. performs roof inspections which, the company believes, are very important. As says, “Recognizing that every single roof in the Northern Virginia region is completely unique, as much as a fingerprint is, the first thing that our roofing experts are going to do upon arriving at your property is going through a multifaceted roof inspection that covers every square inch from top to bottom. Some of the more obvious signs of roof fatigue are going to stand out like a sore thumb, but others are going to be almost invisible to anyone but the most trained and experienced roofing professionals like the ones that we employ.”

The roofing contractors make sure to inspect every roof as closely as possible to check for both cosmetic and structural damage. This means that any and all issues will be identified and dealt with swiftly. The company provides detailed information about each roof upon completing their inspections, along with any other relevant information.

Holcomb is not the only person to have been so impressed with as to leave a 5-Star review of the company. A Yelp review from another customer, which can be found at, states that offers, “great and flexible service.” The review continues, “Just bought a new home, only to discover the roof needed to be replaced. did both neighbors’ roofs last summer and came highly recommended. They were honest with us about the installation of an attic fan and overall very helpful. They worked around our other renovations and got us scheduled quickly once we were finally ready. We spoke with Ken, and he was helpful and knowledgeable. We also got pictures of the roof, the bad spots, the work in progress, and the completed project, which was great because it's a roof and, honestly, I wasn't climbing up there to check. Great work! We're satisfied customers and will refer anyone who asks! Thanks!”

Similarly, another review on the Google platform says, “Great experience working with Ken. Ken, the owner, even honored the roof replacing quote that I had two years ago. This is the company that truly values the relationship with customers. On schedule, spotless service, cleaning, and good communication with crews. Already referring the service to my friend and neighbors. I am so happy with this 5-Star service.”

Customers may contact the company through Facebook at Ken Briesemeister of Roof.Net may be reached for further details as well.


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