Gets Another Five-Star Review on Yelp, a roofing contractor based in Fairfax, Virginia, has revealed with pride that they have garnered another five-star customer review on Yelp. This was for a roof installation project in Montclair, VA. The client appreciated the fact that company owner Ken Briesemeister offered a quote while putting no pressure on the client to buy something extra, nor did he use any sales gimmicks. More about this review can be read here

In the review, Jorge S. said, “Ken and his team are amazing. Ken came out quickly to provide us a quote. Absolutely no sale gimmick or pressure, just laid out all the facts and cost (there no hidden fees). Install was scheduled for 3 days later. Team completed job same day and did an amazing job on the roof and also did an amazing job cleaning up. Ken even came out to check progress and to ensure quality. Highly recommended.” offers a range of roofing related services, such as roof replacement, roof repair, and roof installation. Roof replacement can be costly for homeowners. It therefore helps when roofs are of high quality and have been properly installed as these can last for 25 years or even more. However, the weather can greatly affect the lifespan of a roof. This is true in Northern Virginia, where weather extremes are quite common. The ice storms, torrential rains, heavy snow, and strong winds that have become characteristic of Northern Virginia weather can cause significant damage to roofs, preventing them from staying intact for 25 years.

When the damages to the roof can still be remedied, provides high-quality roof repair services. However, they would like to point out that a new roof is an absolute necessity, and a less expensive choice in the long run, when the damage is extensive or the roof is almost at the end of its life. can help homeowners determine whether they really need to replace their roof in Northern Virginia, or if it might be better to have it replaced. Homeowners and other property owners can depend on, the best 5-star rated roofers in Northern Virginia, to provide them with honest expert advice.

There are many factors that make stand out among the crowd. These include: their 45 years of experience, during which they have developed a reputation for being a high quality roofing service company; their team of honest, dependable and professional roofing specialists; and the fact that it is the best-reviewed roofing company in the state. Those who are interested in learning more about this roofing contractor and their services can check out their Twitter page at provides its services to residents of Fairfax and surrounding areas. They can also provide roof inspection and infrared moisture detection services to help the homeowner ensure that there are no roof leaks. They advise that homeowners may be better off having their roof replaced instead of just having it repaired. The rule of thumb that they use is that when more than a third of the shingles are already seriously worn, it's probably better to have the roof replaced.

There are other indicators that a roof replacement may be a better option than roof repair. These include: shingles with cracks or curled up edges, build-up of granules in the gutters, shingles that look bare and decayed, and abundance of moss and algae on the shingles. It may also be a good idea to inspect other parts of the roof that could have indications of damage that can no longer be remedied through a simple roof repair. For instance, when there are wet and dark spots seen on the ceiling, or when the paint on the walls has blistered. There may also be too much moisture in the carpet and flooring materials, or black mold or mildew in the attic.

Those who would like to know more about the various roofing services offered by can visit their website at, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday.


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