Ring Iq Offers Call Tracking And Routing Solutions

RingIQ, a company based in Estancia, NM, has revealed that they are offering the Call Tracking Software for Businesses | RingIQ software. This is a robust call tracking solution that allows the simplification of the process of implementing call tracking and call routing features for a business. The system is simple and easy to use and even if the client has questions, support staff are just a telephone call or a click away.

When clients subscribe to one of RingIQ’s call tracking plans, they get to have access to call tracking numbers, which they can use on any offline or online ads they want to run. Once a call comes in, the system routes the call based on pre-provided instructions. All calls are recorded in the client’s account and clients would be able to generate detailed reports that may assist them the productivity of their advertising campaigns. The call routing feature works by allowing clients to assign a campaign for each of their advertising sources. Then, within the campaign, clients would be able to indicate how incoming calls are to be routed. Clients may route the calls to mobile phone or landline phones, and the also have the ability to ring several numbers at the same time or the system will evenly distribute calls to any employees that have been specified.

Cavin Jacobs, CEO of RingIQ, says, “Whether you are a smaller local business or a very large corporation, RingIQ can help you handle incoming calls and deliver them to the appropriate phone or phones. We can help smaller businesses sound like a large corporation but we can also help large corporations save money by routing calls to the appropriate department. Needless to say, you will quickly discover which of their advertising campaigns work and which ones do not. We are all about reports!”

The software has an admin panel that allows clients to manage all aspects of call tracking and routing using any computer or mobile gadget. Clients will be able to add their advertising campaigns to the admin panel and then assign a tracking phone number for each campaign. It is possible to add an unlimited number of employees who can receive calls for the company. The incoming calls will be routed to any mobile phone or landline phone. Through the admin panel, clients will be able to instantly produce reports to find out the best or worst performing advertising campaigns, who is answering calls, and the peak call times.

The RingIQ software has a number of important call tracking features. These include: the management of several advertising campaigns; creation of custom interactive voice response systems; custom voicemails for each campaign; custom call recording notices; email and text notifications for missed calls and voicemail; possibility of buying additional minutes if required; custom call whisper recordings; custom caller greetings; dedicated account manager; availability of multiple reports; pre-screening of callers using a massive blacklist; ability to upgrade or downgrade when needed; and more.

Other features include: optional call recording; ability to ring several phones or make round robin calls; routing of calls to any mobile phone or landline phone; addition of unlimited employees; ability to easily control notifications; possible purchase of minutes roll over; low minute notifications; ability set schedules for business and employee calls; priority support; ability to save, print, view, or email reports; ability to blacklist robo and spam calls; and no long term contract required.

This call tracking software offers various kinds of detailed reporting. These include phone number level reporting; employee level reporting; campaign level reporting; worse by call length; best by call length; worse by call volume; best by call volume; missed calls reporting; result level reporting; least performance by cost per call; best performance by cost per call; ability to print, view, email, and save reports; date and time stamped calls; and possibility of callers going to voicemail.


Those who are interested in the call tracking software may want to visit the RingIQ website to learn more about the company and the its products, or view a call tracking software demo on the site.


For more information about RingIQ, contact the company here:

Cavin Jacobs
9 Tungley Wood
Estancia, NM 87016