Richardson, TX Dentist States Gradual ‘Orthoeruption’ is the Key to Their Fast Braces® Treatments

Emmanuel Dental is known to be one of the most progressive dental practices in the Richardson, TX area. Proof of this comes from a relatively new form of orthodontics for teeth straightening that they use called FastBraces®. As the name implies, it works faster in most cases than more traditional braces because of a treatment process that’s known as ‘Orthoeruption’. Many patients have successfully used it as a fast-track method to a straighter smile.

From the Emmanuel Dental website, “FastBraces® Technology is comprehensive orthodontics, just like traditional braces. This dental treatment is supported by over a quarter-century of research and development of clinical outcomes. It utilizes new patented technology braces methods to grow alveolar bone with light forces through a process called ‘orthoeruption’ to straighten teeth quickly, even in as little as 100 days.”

This dental clinic’s founder, Dr. Pramod Thomas, did mention that this form of teeth straightening is not right for everyone and timeframes for completion of the treatment vary from patient to patient, but the results he has achieved with many of his patients so far has been very encouraging. Most people that have such correctable teeth conditions as crowding, spacing, open bite, overbite, crossbite, and underbite can benefit from using FastBraces®. He likes to say that the results that his patients get using FastBraces® come from the cosmetically and functionally sound way this treatment works. That led to Dr. Thomas discussing the main differences between FastBraces vs traditional braces other than usually getting quicker results. He started by mentioning that this treatment uses state-of-the-art technology. The 0biggest difference of which between it and traditional braces is the fact that it uses triangular brackets as opposed to square brackets. This increases the space between the brackets which is thought to produce quicker results and increases the amount of torque that these braces put on a patient’s teeth. This treatment is also done using a single-phase process where traditional braces are performed using a two-phase process. During this single-phase process, FastBraces® simultaneously moves each tooth from root to crown. Most of his patients much prefer this treatment’s shorter timeline as opposed to the one or two years it usually takes traditional braces to work. He also wanted to highlight that the FastBraces® technology usually leads to a much simpler aftercare routine. Those who wish to try using Fastbraces® to straighten their smile will first meet with Dr. Thomas for a free consultation. In some cases, patients who are a candidate for this treatment may even be fitted with Fastbraces® on the same day as their consultation.

Patients that have used the FastBraces® teeth straightening method have left highly favorable reviews on this dental treatment. Sneha Ninan wrote, “I really love this place and have been coming here since I was very young. I did the FastBraces® program and enjoyed the whole experience and I am very satisfied with how my teeth have turned out!” Shanna Housley proclaimed, “All of us (6 in the family) have gone to Dr. Thomas for many years. Have been FastBraces® customers as well. The staff is always professional and courteous. Does a great job explaining needs and making suggestions. Comes up with a personalized dental plan for each of us without just looking to make money. Has convenient hours too. Will even work you in quickly for dental emergencies. They are wonderful.”

FastBraces® is not the only treatment at Emmanuel Dental that helps families maintain their oral health at a high level. Dr. Thomas mentioned that they also provide routine examinations, dental hygiene education, and an extensive range of other cosmetic dentistry services. Other dental services at this clinic include bonding, implants, crowns, porcelain veneers, and other forms of complex periodontal care. He added that they also make it a point to keep up on the latest advances in calming sedation dentistry. For those in the Richardson area that would like to attempt straightening their teeth with fast results, they can contact Emmanuel Dental by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found at the bottom of their website's homepage.


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