Reviews Show Plastic Surgeons Miami Specialize in Compassionate and Individually Tailored Treatments

Receiving 5-star reviews is nothing new for The Plastic Surgeon Miami but a closer look at a few of these reviews also tells a deeper story. That’s the fact that this health facility’s founder and lead plastic surgeon, Dr. Ramiro Morales, is very attentive and sensitive to his patients' needs and desires. This is a combination that tends to put his patients' minds at ease when they are about to undergo delicate surgeries and treatments that are designed to help his clients have more confidence in their appearance.

In the first of the above-mentioned reviews, an anonymous patient stated, “After consulting with several local surgeons in my area and a few others in Miami, I was not feeling it at all. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Morales, who had recently done her tummy tuck (and WOW she looks amazing). Dr. Morales took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve with surgery and did not try and push the "norm" on me as many other surgeons were doing. If you are looking for an excellent surgeon who will listen to you and be candid and honest, Dr. Morales is your man. My surgery was a piece of cake and follow-up care was wonderful. I am more than pleased with the results of my breast lift and implants. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Morales and his staff.”

As part of a review that expresses similar sentiments, Josmir wrote, “Dr. Morales and staff are the A1 team. Honestly, they are exceptional, since day one when I crossed into his office everything was so smooth, which is exactly what you want for that important surgery in your life. In my case, it was a breast augmentation that I felt I waited my entire life for. For many years I didn’t feel secure and comfortable enough to do it. Doctor Morales and the staff made me feel I was in the right place. They were always very patient over the phone, as at the beginning I had to change my appointment due to work. So, on my 1st appointment, I knew he was the right person. He then took his time, asked what size I wanted, and then worked with me on what was actually possible. He showed me the implants and did a test to my size. For me, that was so important, crucial even as he put attention on the discrepancy in the size of my natural breasts and worked on that (so clever, or more than that). Sylvia worked very well with me on the surgery schedule and she helped perfectly with all the other aspects of the process.”

One of the most respected plastic surgeons Miami, Dr. Morales says that he believes that it takes much more than his many years of experience in the field and high-level qualifications to satisfy his patients' plastic surgery needs and desires. That’s why he likes to add a more personal element to his services too. When he sits down and consults with his patients, he listens first with an open mind and then uses his experience to match his clients' desires with realistic expectations. It’s a process that he has used successfully many times over to help rejuvenate his patients’ faces, breasts, and bodies. Something that Dr. Morales has been dedicated to doing throughout his professional career and he does it while holding himself to the highest standards to achieve extremely natural-looking results.

Dr. Morales offers his patients a variety of different look-enhancing choices that he has several years of expertise in. Among those is abdominoplasty which is more often referred to as a ‘tummy tuck’. He is also known for his breast augmentation work and carefully crafted facelifts. Also on his list of specialized services are eyelid surgery, liposuction, and filler & Botox treatments. Dr. Morales stated that he firmly believes that beauty has no age and he takes much pleasure in seeing the newfound confidence that his patients have in their looks after their procedures have been completed. Those in and around the Miami area that would like to inquire further about the services that this reputable plastic surgery clinic offers, can refer to The Plastic Surgeon Miami’s website at


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