Reviewers Give Meet Positives 5 Stars On Site Jabber

Meet Positives has received multiple positive reviews on a popular review site.

Site Jabber, a business and services review site, has released information showing Meet Positive reviews that place the site at the top of STD dating service providers. The positive singles reviews by users of the site indicate that they are happy with the services they have been getting for the dating platform. Meet positives offers a dating platform for people living with lifelong sexually transmitted diseases.

According to a positive singles review on the site, “Best STD positive dating site. A great platform. Personally I would highly recommend Meetpositives.” This is a sign that people using the website are getting what it promises.

According to the CEO of Meet Positives, Jack Lombardi, “We appreciate the reviews because they show that our users are getting what we intended them to. Our catchphrase, “Never Have ‘the Talk’ Again,” is really the main reason why someone would want to find a trusted website to submit their profile to in hopes of finding someone like them. We understand how difficult dating can be for positive singles because we reached out to many who have an STD and we learned from their experiences. Of course, there are cases where positives might have engaged in risky behavior, but that doesn’t mean they “had it coming to them” as some might suggest. Our end goal is to offer a safe place for positives to learn from one another and if possible, meet someone who they can enjoy having a healthy relationship while living with an STD.”

About Meet Positives: Meet Positives was built to free the hearts of people living with an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) from the shame society casts upon them. Sadly, most people who have contracted an STD did nothing wrong and were simply trying to find love. Even worse, the site has found that most people who have contracted an incurable STD were in a relationship with a partner who either didn’t disclose their STD or cheated and brought one home, so the decision to create a trusted platform for Positives was easy and the right thing to do.


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