Resurgence Tennessee Directs Community Towards Insurance For Rehab

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Fayetteville, TN based Resurgence Tennessee is taking steps to help their community learn how they may make use of insurance for rehab. Those suffering from drug addiction can often benefit from a combination of evidence-based therapy and medical treatment, and this particular brand of care is in turn covered by many insurance policies. For their part, Resurgence Tennessee offers multiple payment options, and they accept most insurances and other private forms of payment. A full list of insurers that they accept can be found on their website, along with other resources.

While an individual can expect mental health and addiction services to be included as part of their healthcare insurance (given that they are considered essential health benefits), Resurgence Tennessee advises their community to check the extent of their coverage to ascertain exactly how much coverage their insurer will provide. In particular, they should check whether their policy covers detox, addiction evaluations, inpatient treatment, family counseling, clinic visits, home health visits and so on. The center clarifies that all of these benefits may not be included in a single policy, but it helps the family in question to be aware of how much assistance their insurer will provide.

The beautiful Tennessee foothills surrounding Resurgence Tennessee show the concept of insurance for rehab and coverage for addiction treatment that provides peace of mind

Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) forbids insurers from refusing coverage to any individual who is suffering from a pre-existing substance abuse disorder, and they cannot refuse coverage for substance abuse treatment. However, there are certain limits on who is eligible for coverage, if not on who is eligible for substance abuse treatment coverage. Resurgence Tennessee states that a person may qualify for coverage under the ACA if they earn an income between the federal poverty level and four times the federal poverty level. The extent of the coverage provided may also fluctuate depending on the size of their family relative to their maximum annual income. See more here: Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Many insurers have Resurgence Tennessee in their network, and the center’s willingness to work to help clients get the best benefits their coverage can offer makes them an easy choice for those who want to address addiction. However, the center recognizes that a certain degree of flexibility is required for many in their community, given that they may have to seek alternate means of payment. Beyond private insurance, patients and families will find cash pay and crowdfunding as well as payment plans and so on. Their team wants anyone in need of services to call and find out the options they have for treatment.

Resurgence Tennessee has also published various resources online that aim to help their community examine the details of their insurance policy and how much coverage it may offer. As a starting point, for instance, the center advises all interested parties to look up their insurance FAQs where the staff and administrators at Resurgence have highlighted the answers to many questions that they commonly hear from clients and loved ones about entering and paying for rehab.

The center also understands that many have questions about the specific treatments on offer, and they regularly publish resources that aim to clear the air on these matters as well. For instance, patients may wish to learn more about undergoing REBT for addiction.

REBT, or Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that focuses on the patient’s perspective of a given issue. The underlying idea it tries to instill in patients is that no situation is inherently positive or negative; rather, their perception of the issue can influence how they feel about it. Where addiction is concerned, REBT is used to help patients internalize the idea that they can live a better and more fulfilling life without substance abuse.

An addiction is often exacerbated (or even caused) by the individual’s social and emotional problems. As such, an examination of their own thoughts and responses — and learning how to reframe their perspective — can be useful in treating the addiction itself as well as resolving the underlying issues that may have led to it.

Whatever their community’s concerns may be, Resurgence Tennessee’s dedicated staff encourages any and all interested parties to reach out for more information. They may also get in touch at any time of day or night to speak with Admissions about the availability and costs of receiving care.


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