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Costa Mesa, CA – Giving up alcohol during Dry January has become a popular way to make a fresh start in the new year and build healthy habits. Many people will find themselves continuing on to a dry February, March and beyond. Resurgence Behavioral Health knows that for others it’s not so easy, especially if they’re used to having beer, wine or cocktails every day. To help in this struggle, the nationwide network of addiction treatment centers has posted some helpful tips for a Dry January at the Resurgence blog.

The benefits of joining Dry January are clear. Abstaining from alcohol, whether for the entire month or for only a few weeks, leads to a clearer mind, a healthier body and a happier outlook. And the positive effects can last well past January 31. According to a 2015 study published in the journal Health Psychology, Dry January participants drank less often, had fewer drinks in a single sitting, and got drunk less often. Moreover, they didn’t just refrain from ordering a cocktail; they found it easier to refuse drinks offered to them, quite a feat when at a party or in a bar with friends.

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The study’s authors reported that 65 percent of Dry January participants went the whole month without drinking – but even the other 35 percent experienced similar benefits.

That means it’s never too late to start Dry January, even if January is well underway. Try this advice to help individuals stay dry. Stay Positive. You’re not giving up alcohol. You’re gaining good health, better relationships and more spending money. Focus on the positive results. Make a list of all the things you’ll gain, including the positive self-esteem that comes from improving your life, and keep it handy for when experiencing self-doubt.

Stay focused. In the new year, its easy to be tempted to load up on all the things to “fix”: losing weight, working out every day, making more money, quitting smoking. But its important not to lose focus. Each one of those things is hard enough on its own. If getting sober is the most important goal, focus on that – and only on that.

Accept successes. Be sure to recognize and celebrate wins. Whether that means making it through all of Dry January or just today, recognize successes and build on them. Tell others about it and accept their praise, too. Find healthy ways to reward those successes and stay motivated to stay on course.

For more tips on having a successful Dry January, visit the Resurgence blog.

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