Resurgence Behavioral Health Announces Employees of the Month Who Show Exemplary Care and Compassion in Addiction Treatment

Costa Mesa, CA - Five staff members have been spotlighted for the compassion, dedication, and care they’ve shown their clients at Resurgence Behavioral Health, a nationwide network of addiction treatment centers. Resurgence announced the names of the five Employees of the Month at its locations in California, Tennessee and Texas, along with enthusiastic comments from the staff members who nominated them.

Muse Treatment Center in Los Angeles named CaRon Jack as its Employee of the Month. Jose Flores, a fellow team member said, “CaRon shows up every day with a positive and amazing attitude. He’s a team player who is passionate about his work and is a great role model for our clients. He always goes above and beyond!”

Addiction Treatment At Resurgence in Costa Mesa CA

Resurgence California, which is located in Costa Mesa, nominated two employees, Alyssa Nolan and Samantha Adame. “Alyssa is always thinking about our clients and is a great asset to our team. She’s always willing to lend a hand, and her dedication does not go unnoticed,” said Kristen Zampa. Dayna Christman had this to say about Samanta Adame, “Samantha is a willing team player and represents our core values as a company: Solution, focus, love, hope, and family. She’s always going the extra mile and willing to jump in and help her teammates while still showing compassion, patience, and love to our clients. We are so grateful for her knowledge and positive attitude. Thank you for being a superstar!”

Resurgence Tennessee, located in Fayetteville, TN, nominated Angie Farler. Her teammates said, “Angie is an exceptional person. She always takes time to spend with each client. She is loving and compassionate to each and every client!!! Hence the nickname they have given her, “Mama Angie.” Angie makes sure each client’s needs are met along with showing them love and support!”

Resurgence Texas in Wimberley, TX, nominated Christina Moore. “Christina is one of the most reliable and determined people we have on our team. She executes tasks while continuing to engage the clients and promote a healthy environment. When she is working, we can rest assured everything that needs to be done is done thoroughly,” said Aakash Patel of Resurgence Texas.

These five employees are typical of the dedication to excellence for which the entire Resurgence staff is known. Each Resurgence location has a team of medical professionals, certified addiction counselors, licensed therapists and trained addiction specialists with solid training in the fields of addiction and mental health. In addition, they offer empathy and compassion to clients, who praise them enthusiastically in hundreds of five-star reviews left on Google.

The professionals at Resurgence deliver a full range of treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness. From medically supervised detox, through inpatient and outpatient care to sober living and long-term follow-up, Resurgence is dedicated to helping clients find new lives in sobriety.

The center offers group and individual counseling that provides several kinds of cognitive, behavioral and trauma-informed therapies – “retraining” the brain to function free of drugs or alcohol and helping clients to replace addictive behaviors with positive ones. In addition, integration with 12 Step programs is available, which offers valuable support after the client has left the center’s security and is integrating back into daily life. Resurgence also offers virtual therapy, in which clients receive treatment online when they cannot travel to the facility.

Expert guidance and compassionate care are the most basic elements of addiction recovery which every person deserves. Resurgence staff takes it to the next level by helping to create an atmosphere that is positive, warm and welcoming. They lead recreational activities at the centers and also offer service outings that help clients learn the positive impact of making a difference in the world beyond themselves.

For more information and to speak with an addiction specialist anytime, visit Resurgence Behavioral Health online or call 855-458-0050.


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