Results Health & Wellness Clinic Opens in Dublin, OH

Dublin, OH - October 25, 2022 – Results Health & Wellness Clinic announces an innovation in weight loss therapy that is now being offered at its weight loss clinic. Located in Dublin, OH, residents can find out at the clinic if they qualify for an effective new solution for medical weight loss. Based on research that has taken place, GLP-1 has been found to be a safe alternative to prescribed appetite suppressants and was approved by the FDA. Dublin residents interested in finding out if they qualify can call 614-768-3595 or visit for more information.

The Dublin weight loss clinic is the first in the area. A highly trained weight loss specialist will administer a customized formula that reduces the desire to eat. Safe and effective, this protein-based formula is designed to significantly curb hunger and eliminate cravings naturally. GLP-1 contains proteins that are a 94% match with those found in the body after eating. Research has found that, when administered, it elevates the level of proteins in the body released when a person is full which curbs appetite and promotes consuming much smaller portions.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic Dublin, OH

Results Health & Wellness Clinic is owned by Elmer James who opened the clinic because, “Severe diet restrictions are not meant for everyone, and in many cases dieting simply doesn’t work.” The reasons for this are varied, James says, citing medical and metabolic issues as examples. “This formula is the answer for people who are overweight but haven’t had success with traditional methods of weight loss. He adds, “There is finally hope for people who suffer from medical conditions, hormonal imbalances or other problems that have caused weight gain they are unable to control.”

After the initial consultation with a medical specialist, and offering an overview of their medical history, enrollees receive their first dose, usually on the first visit. The dose is customized based on their weight, BMI, and medical history. Once a low dose of GLP-1 is administered, progress is monitored over several weeks, with the dosage being increased until the optimum level of protein is reached. Despite the decrease in calorie consumption most patients report having more energy when on the program, not less.

Results Health & Wellness Clinic staff have received special training in administering and monitoring the therapy, which was approved by the FDA several years ago. It has been used extensively and side effects are minor, and rare. Those noted included mild cases of digestive issues that resolved quickly. Patients on the therapy report a surprising decrease in the need to eat as much as they used to, and instead feel content eating much less.

Another myth the weight loss center formula debunks is that intense physical workouts are necessary to lose weight. While the center promotes moving to stay physically fit, intense workouts of an hour or more are not required or even wise, because they trigger intense cravings for calories, especially carbohydrates. The team advocates eating healthier foods and participating in an active lifestyle to promote good health, but neither of those factors is necessary for weight loss while on the program.

Because the human body was initially designed to take in smaller amounts of food throughout the day, today’s larger portions have created an obesity problem in the U.S. Research shows that at least 31% of Americans can be considered overweight. In the last twenty years, options other than dieting have been limited. Until now, choices included powerful stimulant-based medications that have to be prescribed by a doctor, or invasive gastric surgery. These drastic measures can work, but many weight loss physicians, especially those connected to the Results Health & Wellness clinic say they are relieved to have a safer alternative. “GLP-1 is the most effective tool we’ve seen for weight loss in a very long time,” says James.

The medication has the ability to slow down the digestive process, so a person feels fuller for longer periods–a revolutionary way to look at weight loss. “The best part about this therapy is that there is freedom from being obsessed about what you are eating, how much you are eating, and the nagging feeling that you are failing,” says James. Lack of success with dieting and other methods of weight loss never took a person’s desire to eat into consideration. “Patients were just expected to tough it out,” says James. “Now, it appears that a kinder, easier approach to weight loss has finally made its way to the market.”

Results Health & Wellness Clinic is open and seeing new patients in the Dublin and Columbus area, but an appointment is advised. Anyone interested in getting more information or booking an initial consultation can do so by calling 614-768-3595 or visiting:


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