Respected Nyc High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Give Tips On How To Handle This Type Of Complex Family Law Case

Highly respected New York City family law attorney, Juan Luciano, recently offered up 5 helpful tips for those that are about to go through a high net worth divorce. He stated that these tips are essential for anyone that wants to successfully navigate through this very complex type of family law case. These types of cases often involve millions of dollars in assets and because of that present unique challenges to both parties going through the process and their legal representation.

This acclaimed high net worth divorce lawyer states, “Going through any divorce proceeding is tough physically and emotionally but the stakes get even higher when valuable assets are about to be evaluated and divided up. This is definitely not a time when a person who's going through this type of divorce wants to make a mistake that will make them look bad in the court's eyes or make a bad decision because they were not fully informed about the proceedings beforehand. This is exactly why I have taken the time to discuss these 5 important tips that anyone about to go through with a high net worth divorce case should strongly consider.”

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The first tip for those who are considering going through a high net worth divorce that Attorney Luciano talked about was that they should better educate themselves about how this legal process works. He added that this is best done by sitting down with a lawyer who has much experience with this type of family law case. This will help better inform someone who is struggling with their marriage about how different marital aspects of the case will be examined and the implications that may have on a person’s assets. Another tip that was strongly emphasized by this highly regarded divorce lawyer was that those going through the proceeding should never try to hide any of their assets. This has the potential to do more harm than good. He stated that if the court finds out that this took place, a person will quickly lose credibility in the court's eyes and this will most likely result in any settlement highly favoring the spouse.

This high net worth divorce attorney in New York City also suggested that anyone about to get divorced that has accumulated a large number of assets should sit down and talk to a financial professional. He stated that among the things that should be discussed here are stock portfolios, bonds, real estate holdings, property, pension plans, businesses, or any other types of investment income. This will help to eliminate disputes as divorce proceedings move along. Another helpful tip from Attorney Luciano that was strongly stated was for someone going through a high net worth divorce to settle quickly. It’s his experience that this often ends up badly for the party that wanted to settle the case quickly to avoid the stress and strain that often comes with this type of family law proceeding. Lastly, he urged that anyone who has had a court decision passed on their case to not defy the terms of the settlement that were laid out by the court.

Attorney Luciano is well qualified to give out this type of advice because of his stellar track record when it comes to high net worth divorce proceedings. Those who have used his family law and divorce services have rated them very favorably. An example of that is this 5-star review that was left on the firm’s Google Maps Listing. Borun Daoyan wrote, “Juan is a great Manhattan divorce attorney. He is very nice in one on one setting, but in court, he is persuasive and tough. He always kept me updated, and I knew exactly what was going on with my divorce case. He negotiated child support payments, visitation, and alimony. And while his law service is outstanding, his prices are very fair. Thank you for helping me through a very tough time in my life, I am glad I had you on my side Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer!”

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