Residents of Fair Oaks Ranch, a Suburb of San Antonio, Find Effective Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders at Resurgence Behavioral Health

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX - As their understanding of substance abuse grows, addiction specialists have come to realize they need to take a more comprehensive approach for treatment to be effective. Residents of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, find this understanding at Resurgence Behavioral Health, where a comfortable environment and innovative treatment methods are vital to the standard of care.

Resurgence is a nationwide network of treatment centers that helps people struggling with a variety of addictions, including alcohol, drugs, prescription medications and medications for mood, anxiety, psychotic, personality and eating disorders. Its Texas center is located less than an hour away from the state capital, Austin, in Travis County. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that Travis County’s drug-overdose rate is 11.6 per 100,000 people for all drugs and 4.8 per 100,000 people for opioids. While the rate is lower than the national rate, the health reporting agency cites the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in recommending more opioid addiction treatment in Travis County.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Austin Texas

For Fair Oaks Ranch residents who need such help, Resurgence Texas offers a clear path to long-term sobriety, from medically assisted detox to residential and outpatient rehab programs. Clients can then progress to transitional programs like sober living homes, where they learn skills for coping with the stresses of everyday life without chemical assistance. For clients who cannot attend outpatient sessions in person, Resurgence also offers virtual outpatient treatment using digital tools.

Within these overall programs, Resurgence custom-designs therapy for each client that meets their individual needs. Specialists use various evidence-based cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques to address addiction, reflecting the fact that each person’s addiction experience is different so their treatment should be too.

Treatment may include therapy for mental and emotional health disorders, which often accompany addiction. Resurgence treats drug or alcohol addiction as more than a single condition; often, addiction is just a sign that the client is coping with a deeper emotional or psychological disorder rather than a simple addiction to drugs or alcohol. For example, the client may be using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their depression or anxiety, so therapy must begin with understanding that possibility. This is termed “dual diagnosis”, a complex condition; the client may develop depression or anxiety as a consequence of their addiction or may fall into addiction because of the underlying disorder.

Dual-diagnosis treatment is a holistic approach to addiction, which Resurgence extends to the setting it provides to clients. All of its facilities are comfortable and serene, to make recovery as physically pleasant as possible. Resurgence serves meals prepared by an on-site chef and offers games and an exercise area. Clients are allowed to smoke outside, can enjoy TV in their rooms and are allowed cellphones after a two-week stabilization period. Resurgence's Austin location is geared for residential addiction treatment programs.

Clients can take advantage of two unique kinds of emotional support at Resurgence, where addicted couples can attend treatment (while living in separate accommodations) and pets are allowed. Recovery is aided when both members of the couple are motivated to find sobriety, and the emotional connection between people and their pets also cannot be over-emphasized.

The plush surroundings and personalized treatment are not intended simply to pamper the clients, but to remove as much physical stress as possible so they can relax and focus entirely on their recovery.

Anyone searching for addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one may take the first step by visiting Resurgence Behavioral Health online or calling 855-458-0050.


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