Residential Roofing Services in Clinton Township Provider Gives Advice on Helping a Roof Survive Harsh Winter Weather

For over 30 years now, Miller’s Home Improvement of Clinton Township has been successfully taking care of the residential and commercial roofing needs of those in that area of Michigan. The company has built its reputation by doing quality work that is backed up by a high degree of customer care. Its services also extend far beyond just the work the companies do in the field. A good example of this is the many blogs the company posts on its website that teach people how to care for their roofs and help them make tough roofing repair choices.

One of Miller’s Home Improvement’s most recent blogs gives important information on how those in the Northeastern Detroit areas the company serves can prep and maintain their roofs during the harsh Michigan winter. The company owner, Eric Miller, says, “There are few weather conditions anywhere in the world that is more brutal on roofs than Michigan winters around the Great Lakes. Winter often brings gale-force winds, promotes the formation of sudden thick ice formations, and dumps heavy snow loads on the roofs in the area. Conditions that can test even the newest of roofs let alone those that are starting to get some age on them. That’s why we decided to write one of our newest blogs in a way that it discusses how a homeowner can better prepare and maintain their roof throughout the harsh Michigan winter.”

This new company blog titled ‘Make Sure to Keep Your Roof Ready for the Winter’ starts by stating that winter is a trying period in Clinton Township because of the damage it can cause and roofs are no exception. It went on to point out several roof conditions that a homeowner should be aware of. This includes the formation of ice dams on a roof. Ice dams form on the eves of sloped roofs of homes where there is a heated space under that roof area. These can be problematic because they stop the normal flow of water from ice and snowmelt off of the roof. The residential roofing services in the Clinton Township blog post also mentioned that there are ways for homeowners to prevent them. This includes installing a drip edge on the roof, an attic fan, or carefully using a snow rake to break them up. It also mentioned that even though it's cold outside, roof leaks can still be patched. This can be done by applying a fiberglass sealant and then placing a piece of plywood over the repair. Chimney flashing should also be secured in place before the winter weather hits to avoid creating other areas on the roof that trap ice and snow. Also mentioned in this article is that sagging roof areas need to be repaired as soon as the weather is conducive to that and large tree limbs should be removed from a roof as soon as possible. The blog ended by saying that these are roofing services that the techs at Miller’s Home Improvement are always happy to help out with along with being there to help customers with more extensive repairs after the winter weather has left the St. Clair Shores area.

Customers that have had roof replacement or other roof repairs done by the crews at Miller's Home Improvement often leave reviews that praise the company’s services. Allana McDonald stated, “I can’t say enough about Miller’s Home Improvement! Extremely professional, trustworthy, detail-oriented, and even affordable (especially for such a tough job)! We highly recommend them if you’re looking to invest in a new roof or even if you need some repairs done right.”

Ken Whitley proclaimed, “Eric and his team at Miller's Home Improvement did an exceptional job replacing our entire roof, including a skylight. We solicited multiple quotes, ultimately choosing Miller's Home Improvement based on others' recommendations. Eric was timely and thorough in communicating before, during, and after the project. Minor issues were professionally discussed and quickly addressed. Cleanup was immaculate on both days of the project.”

Those that are interested in reading this Miller's Home Improvement blog post or want more information about the wide variety of reputable commercial and residential roofing services that this company provides can contact them by email, phone, or by filling out and sending in the form that’s found on their website.


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