Residential Roof Repair Services Announced By Craig Roofing

Homeowners in Akron, Ohio who need roof repairs on their residential homes can turn to Craig Roofing after a recent announcement about their residential roofing services. The company, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, loves serving their local community and keeping the area’s neighborhoods beautiful. They are available to assist whether homeowners need emergency roof repair, general maintenance, or something more involved, like a full roof replacement.

Among the services Craig Roofing offers is replacing missing or broken shingles. Fixing broken shingles is often a quick and affordable fix, and it’s important to take care of small roofing issues before they become larger problems, to keep the roof in good condition. The certified roofers at Craig Roofing are capable of repairing all kinds of shingle roofs, regardless of its slope. They can handle flat roofs, low sloped roofs, or even steep sloped roofs. They can also repair the flashing around chimneys and vents, repair or replace skylights, and more.

residential roof repair

One type of damage that Craig Roofing especially encourages homeowners to address quickly is water damage, such as damage from a storm. Water damage can easily lead to much larger problems, if not addressed quickly, as water seeps through the damaged roof and into the structure below. A professional roofer like Craig Roofing can determine the extent of the damage and the necessary steps to repair, and then assist with or even complete the repairs necessary to have a fully waterproof roof again. This kind of residential roof repair is what Craig Roofing does best.

Beyond inspecting and repairing roofs, Craig Roofing has years of experience filing and negotiating insurance claims, and can help homeowners with damaged roofs file claims with their homeowner’s insurance so they can get their roof repairs covered. Craig Roofers assigns a personal project manager to each client, who will run the inspection and provide an estimate for repairs that the homeowner can then show to their insurance company to assist in getting the best coverage possible. Craig Roofing will also help homeowners with the insurance claims process, from assisting with filing the initial claim, to arriving on site for the insurance company inspection, negotiating with the insurance company on behalf of the homeowner, and more.

Customers have been satisfied with Craig Roofing’s service. One testimonial, pulled from their website, claims, “The estimate was provided to me with in two hours after my request. D. J. came to the house and was very professional. He explained the type of material I selected and the cost of any repairs that may need to be made. The crew and materials was on time. With in seconds of first person climbing the ladder I could hear shingles being removed. Jeff and DJ were both on site at the end of the job confirming everything was done properly and that cleanup was done to my satisfaction. CRAIG Roofing and the crew did an outstanding job. I will recommend them to all my friends!”

Craig Roofing also provides storm damage roof repair, repairing roofs damaged by such inclement weather events as wind, tornadoes, and hail, all common occurrences in Northeast Ohio where the company is located. Their goal is to help customers get through the storm damage repair process with as little stress as possible. Once a customer schedules an inspection, they inspect the property and tarp the damaged areas of the roof to prevent further damage from water or other elements. They assist in opening an insurance claim, and meet the insurance inspector at the property the day of the inspection to represent the homeowner. They also handle negotiations with the insurance company, to get the best coverage possible, so homeowners dealing with storm damage can keep more of their money. Finally, if a roof needs replacing, they upgrade to a dimensional shingle system that’s rated for high winds, so when the next storm comes along, the roof is less likely to sustain further damage.

Anyone interested in getting roof repairs from Craig Roofing can contact the company for more information.


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