Reseda CA Treatment Facility Discusses the Warning Signs of Adderall Addiction

Reseda, California -

Reseda, California-based The Discovery House (THD) is a highly reputable 15-year-old treatment center that has an extensive history of helping people overcome substance abuse issues and reclaim their lives. This includes helping those on the road to recovery that have become overly dependent on the popular stimulant prescription drug Adderall. That’s why this esteemed treatment center wanted to bring attention to some of the signs that indicate someone may be suffering from Adderall addiction. This includes making people aware of the dangers of the misuse of this powerful amphetamine and the facts to answer the question: is Adderall a gateway drug?

TDH also wanted to let those struggling with Adderall addiction and their loved ones know that there is help available to start the path to recovery and other services available to help sustain that recovery effort. A representative of the admissions staff at TDH stated, “We are seeing a big rise in the number of clients that come to us seeking help with their dependency on Adderall. This is especially true among students who have been turned on to this powerful amphetamine as a means to stay up and study longer. It poses an even greater potential for harm to those in certain at-risk populations not only because it can interfere greatly with someone’s ability to function in their everyday life but it can also lead to other even more dangerous types of substance misuse and addiction.”

A handful of Adderall pills, to show to the concept of Adderall addiction treatment at The Discover House

The representative said that it's not hard for someone to recognize that they are misusing Adderall or for their loved ones to become aware that there is a problem related to the drug. Some of the signs that are associated with Adderall misuse and addiction include taking it in higher doses than it was prescribed for and taking it more frequently than prescribed. Swapping pills, buying more pills, or stealing someone else’s medication are also red flags that point to Adderall abuse as well as using it to get high instead of to treat the medical conditions or symptoms it was prescribed for. Crushing or injecting it instead of swallowing it should also be alarming and the dangers of snorting Adderall have been clearly documented as well. Even more alarming is that as these conditions worsen, it will also take even more of the medicine to make an Adderall abuser feel ‘normal’ again.

Fortunately, those in the Reseda, CA area that are struggling with Adderall addiction can turn to The Discovery House for the help they need to get on the path to recovery. They are a premier treatment center that is well-versed in stimulant misuse. That is how they have been able to establish themselves as a treatment facility with a proven track record of helping countless clients that suffer from Adderall and other forms of substance abuse.

Those that have looked to THD for help to recover from Adderall and other substance abuse issues have been very complimentary of the treatment that they have received. SeokSeok X stated, “TDH is an amazing program. At first, I was originally going to stay for detox only but my counselor and staff encouraged me to stay for the full 30 days after I got a scholarship. They will help in any way they can and follow up with you. It definitely made me feel like I had a family full of support. The staff is very caring and genuine. Faith, Nadia, and Mickey are the best and will listen to you with their heart. I highly recommend going to TDH and as a bonus, the foods are pretty great.” Andy Johnson wrote in his 5-star review, “TDH has been very helpful in my recovery. I’ve been learning skills that I really needed in order 2 have a better life. The staff is super chill & supportive through all of the process and I am so glad that I made this choice. I know it will give me the best chance to beat my addiction. Thanks, TDH!” Those in the Northwest area of Los Angeles that are struggling with Adderall addiction or their loved ones that are seeing signs of stimulant abuse can get in touch with this reputable treatment center by phone or via website contact form.


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