Reputable Eugene Flooring Company Announces the Launch of Its New Website

Raven Flooring is a company that takes great pride in using exquisite craftmanship to create beautiful custom floors for commercial and residential customers in the Eugene, Oregon area. The company is one that also likes to offer its clients a well-rounded customer experience. That’s the reason that this company is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved website. Something which will make it even easier for customers to find ways to contact them and to learn more about the unique flooring products that they supply and install. This newly launched website can be viewed here at

A company representative says, “We are always looking for new ways to improve our services. A big part of that is having a website that is as user-friendly as possible. That’s exactly why we went to the time and expense to build a brand-new website. We combined all of our vast flooring experience with the expertise of our reputable IT services provider to build a website that takes ease of use and information providing to a whole new level. Those of us here that worked on this project are extremely pleased with the way that the new website turned out and feedback from our customers regarding it has also been overwhelmingly positive. We pledge to continue to do whatever it takes to provide our Eugene area flooring customers with a well-rounded experience when working with us.”

Some of the more important aspects of the new Raven Flooring website were then discussed by the company representative. This includes how they took steps to simplify the dropdown menu so customers can get the exact information that they wanted on the company as easily as possible. He also mentioned that they made the information that is presented more concise and used color schemes that made the text jump off the page to improve readability. The improved website version also made it very clear that the company enjoys doing both commercial and residential flooring projects and that no job is ever too big, too small, or too complicated for them to take on. In this new website, it also talks about the principles that this company was formed around. This includes getting work done by some of the most experienced flooring professionals in the Eugene area, only using the highest quality materials, and offering a service guarantee to every customer. Also mentioned was that customers can expect to get great value from the flooring services that are provided for them, have work completed in a timely manner, and are also promised a level of communication that is not often found between businesses and their customers. The new website even features a quote request form and it gives advice on how to find a competent flooring contractor; information which can also be found here at

According to the company representative, the new website also goes into much greater detail about the flooring services that they offer. A good example is the detail that the new website goes into regarding one of the company’s specialties hardwood flooring installation. It talks about how the company installs hardwood flooring in such a way that it will totally change the look and feel of any type of room that they lay it down in. There are also excellent descriptions of the company’s laminate, manufactured, and vinyl flooring services along with information on their reputable floor staining & refinishing work. All of these flooring service descriptions are also accompanied by high-resolution photos of completed projects that the company has done. He added that although they have examples of the many types of flooring that they supply and install, they were also careful not to overdo it when it came to adding photos to the pages of the newly launched website. Also discussed in the new website is that the company is proud to serve the flooring needs of those in Eugene, Springfield, and many of the surrounding Oregon areas.

More information on Raven Flooring’s services can be found on its new website or by referring to this flooring contractors listing.


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